OXM UK: Hated Games We Finished Anyway

OXM UK: "A few weeks back, we told you about the great games we've never managed to finish. That was embarrassing. Not as embarrassing as what follows though. Join Matt, Log, Ed, Mike and Jonty as we discuss the games we loathed but still found time to conquer."

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FEARprototype2604d ago

devil may cry 4 is terrible? that's an opinion i can hardly and never agree on.. shallow? nah.... but i respect his opinion.

Omar912604d ago

Actually DMC4 was the first DMC that I enjoyed. I only played the first one and didnt get into it. I played part 4 and was amazed at how awesome the game was. So I really dont know what all the hate was about when this game released.

Quagmire2604d ago

Dark Void. I hated that game, yet I was compelled to kick its ass because it was so bad.

Pintheshadows2604d ago

FF13. I kept expecting something awesome and then it ended.

InLaLaLand2603d ago

Red Dead Redemption. Di Santos shotgun/stagecoach riding got boring plus you don't realise that there is a last mission.