Benzaie: Top 5 Reasons Why Zelda Twilight Princess Sucks

Blistered Thumbs' Benzaie celebrates Zelda's 25th anniversary by pointing out how Twilight Princess was a let down.

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handheldwars22485d ago

Lol, dude your taste sucks. Twilight Princess is one of the best games ever created for many of us gamers.

Darkfocus2484d ago (Edited 2484d ago )

sorry my dog could beet Zelda TP was that easy...if you died during that game you should just stop gaming was easily the worst zelda(minus the CDI one's obviously) and had nothing going for it but it's artstyle...every single item was pretty much only useful in it's own dungeon and after that served next to no purpose minus the top and, ball and chain which could be used in combat or to travel faster. Game design was non existent.

edit: oh wait the sound track was also good but other than that...pure crap

Pozzle2484d ago

Really? I mean, it's a good game. But is it one of the BEST games ever created? Heck, is it one of the best Zelda games? Hardly. Have you at least played Ocarina of Time or Wind Waker?

zeal0us2484d ago

don't give this guy the publicity he's wants just ignore it and move on

silkrevolver2484d ago

Actually... I just need the one reason. It’s creepy.

8bit_Nes_Rambo2484d ago

He definately has the look of "keep your children away from him". Creepy looking cuss.

mike1up2482d ago


1. It looks like a chin strap.
2. His neck resembles a very very very skinny pencil.
3. Neck beards went out of style in the late middle ages.
4. I have proof that the neck beard is just hair trying to run away from his face.
5. It brings out his eyes. His crazy, beedy, cracked out looking eyes.

crazyturkey2484d ago

Who else needs an internet torch?

Otheros002484d ago

1. the delay is not worth it *yes, I actually waited for it*
2. looks like a n64 game when it's from a first party dev
3. empty rehash of Ocarina of Time
4. inferior to wind waker especially re-playability
5. Places that are cleansed are empty and dull with nothing to do

Loved Ocarina of Time and hated this empty rehashed turd.

pepsilover_20072484d ago

U played some good looking n64 game O.o

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The story is too old to be commented.