Next-Generation Graphics: First Breathtaking CryEngine 3 Modding Shots Released

Here are the first awesome Crysis 2 CryEngine 3 Art Screenshots. Take a deep look!

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Hazmat132484d ago

everytime im on a stupid german site thers shit all over the place!

trancefreak2484d ago

was just about to say that. shat all over and the webpage is slower than more shat

Hazmat132484d ago

man i need a better shitin table them sweds dont know crap about shit!

ATiElite2484d ago

They sure can make some really fine automobiles and vacuum cleaners but are completely clueless about making websites.

HeavenlySnipes2484d ago

my breath is still in my possession. Lying article. Those screens don't look better than Crysis 2 without DX11

trounbyfire2484d ago

sorry but the hype that is DX11 makes minor improvements to C2. I am not impressed untill DX11 makes other games look like SD wii game. I haven't seen that yet so nothing is next gen yet besides no one tracks PC generation

Gran Touring2484d ago

From what Crytek achieved, with just a PATCH to Crysis 2, is pretty remarkable. You need to see it in person to get a better idea of the difference.

DX11 will shine when games are built up on its interface. BF3 will be the first to take full advantage of the API's.

ATiElite2484d ago

Crysis 2 DX11 was duct taped and super glued on. Not really a major improvement. 5 and 6 years into the Dev cycle of the consoles Crytek makes a really good DX9 engine. If it was DX11 from the ground up it would really look better.