Weigh In, Divisionaries - Battlefield 3 Or Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3?

JD - ​As I was drafting my post about the Games Critics Awards, I noticed something. Battlefield 3 is destroying Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. It was nominated for more accolades by critics, and won out head-to-head in both categories they shared. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 seemed to be added to the pack almost obligatorily.

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Caleb_1412639d ago

If anyone posts something to do with MW3 vs. BF3 it gets hits - which results in an influx in an influx of repeat articles discussing the same. damn. thing.

curtis_boy2639d ago



Inside_out2639d ago (Edited 2639d ago )

People were talking about the Battlefield tank demo because it was so WAS NO CONSOLE FOOTAGE ON DISPLAY AT E3. Consoles will have the highest sales for these games and when the kids see how Battlefield looks on consoles they will happily trade it in for COD and sign up for COD Elite because that will be where ALL the cool gamers will be.

EA-Dice is launching near COD not because it is better but because they want to get some of the sales that COD generates. COD has massive sales because it is delivering what the gamers want. Battlefield will COPY COD as much as possible because their Battlefield gameplay is as old as health packs. Watch and see...Battlefield will get their sales for the first couple weeks and then it will die a horrible death as kids trade it in for COD...rightfully so btw.

The gaming media has been against COD since MW2 and the whole airport scene fiasco. They decided a game like Uncharted would make a better role model for everything that is nice in gaming with romance novel inspired didn't work. MW2 destroyed the competition, especially Uncharted 2 that launched right beside them and the rest is history. Uncharted 3 is receiving much the same treatment this year again as is Battlefield 3...MW3 will dominate again this year. Look what happen to MOH???

HeavenlySnipes2639d ago

If you wanted to steal CODs sales, you'd release WAAY before them to get people into your MP so that they'd recommend it to others.

You are also talking about graphics when COD has never even looked amazing. Its average. Open world games have better graphics than COD.

No one has all of a sudden crowned Drake as a mascot for gaming. People are building up hype for the sequel of a game that has won the most awards in mankind's history.

BF3 isn't anything like COD. I didn't know they copied destructible environments, jets, helicopters, jeeps, buggies, etc.. that are all normal parts of the gameplay. I didn't know COD will be squad based and team work centered. COD is a kiddy arcade game. Anyone can do well, that's why all the little kids go play it, they don't have to practice to do better. Just rely on the auto aim or use last stand/commando lunging/lag+being host/ghost and silencers/and motion sensors to get kills for them.

Lastly, MOH is not battlefield.. Many people still play Bad Company 2. Why, because its FUCKING BATTLEFIELD BAD COMPANY 2

DigitalxPiracy2639d ago

My five year old cousin plays Black Ops and can do well. Enough said.

Hanif-8762639d ago (Edited 2639d ago )

Battlefield 3 isn't anything like COD. Well, the only thing they have in common is them being both a first person shooter.

T3MPL3TON 2639d ago

"CoD, has massive sales because it is delivering what the gamers want."

Call of Duty hasn't delivered anything but hackers/glitchers, broken net code and overall nonsense since MW. People have said it before and they'll say it again, "I only play CoD because thats what all my friends play, when they aren't on I play Battlefield."

EA/DICE doesn't even actually compete with Activision. They don't need to. The Battlefield series, has been around for quite a while now. CoD isn't taking any money from that series and if you seriously think it is you need to do your research.

The reason people are all over the Uncharted, franchise is because the games look amazing, play great and have an awesome cast of characters that fuel a cool story.. which by the way.. is the POINT OF VIDEO GAMES.

Hanif-8762639d ago

Your comment alone is a better read than these COD vs BF3 articles. I didn't even click the link :-)

saoco2639d ago

im getting both + TWISTED METAL AND U3. MAYBE SKYRM.
funk too many games not enough time. i still have RDR and Dead Space 2 sealed.