Digital Foundry - Face-Off: Shadows of the Damned

Eurogamer - Goicha Suda and Shinji Mikami, the creative forces behind the likes of Killer 7 and the Resident Evil games, have put together a stylish and overtly adult take on the action-based survival horror formula. While Grasshopper's new game owes a lot to Resident Evil 4 in terms of the raw gameplay mechanics, it also takes inspiration from a variety of other notable sources - Sam Raimi's Evil Dead movies and Robert Rodriguez's Grindhouse both spring to mind, along with Sega and Namco's modest light gun hit, Vampire Night, which has some passing similarities in terms of its overall mood and colour scheme.

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sayonara892453d ago

PS3 version is a bit better. This year is filled with multiplatforms that are better on PS3. Glad to see that devs are finally getting the hardware, can't wait to see Rage and Battlefield 3 face-offs.

Paradicia2453d ago

They are practically identical. Only a fanboy would say one is better than the other. The only decision that matters is what console you want to buy it on.

It's not my kinda game anyway.

holdmedownma20082453d ago

There was really no difference between either version, except for Bayonetta, it's just been the game media blowing the littlest crap way out of proportion.

FreydaWright2453d ago

I can't tell the damn difference.