'Bulletstorm proves there's a market outside Call of Duty' - Codies

CVG - The critical and commercial success of Epic's Bulletstorm proves "there's a market outside of Call of Duty" for FPS titles, according to the man behind rival shooter Bodycount.

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pepsilover_20072333d ago

No crap that pretty much what a lot of people been asking for a game that isnt taken seriously, it is a video game afterall

HeavenlySnipes2333d ago

most people bought it because

a) Epic had a hand in it
b) It came with the Gears 3 beta

El_Colombiano2333d ago

B is what happened. Look at the sales, 360 raped. Only because of the beta

femshep2333d ago

that game was horrid and written by 3 year olds

anyone remember the good old days when Epic developed good games like Unreal tournament?

palaeomerus2333d ago

Uh huh. Tell it to Shadows of the Damned.

femshep2333d ago

HAHA that game was horrid too

perverted mexican who thinks he is a bad combination of Leon, Dante and Nero....lawlz that game is a disgrace just like epic games

badjournalism2333d ago

which was not developed by epic. nice try, come back next time and you might win then.

danielle0072333d ago

People Can Fly make amazing games. Bulletstorm would have been much better if Epic hadn't decided to add stupid cover based gameplay where it didn't belong, and let Bulletstorm be a hilarious, revamped Painkiller on crack.

coryok2333d ago

bulletstorm sales were pretty low lol. it had a pretty big marketing campaign and is just hovering around 1m sales

8bit_Nes_Rambo2333d ago (Edited 2333d ago )

Yeah, it tanked and was expected to do 3 million+. Meanwhile, Vanquish sold just as much without the massive ad campaign, relying on word of mouth.

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