Fixing PES 'would be an honour,' says FIFA boss

CVG - EA Sports producer David Rutter, the man credited with transforming FIFA into the footy force it is today, says it'd be an honour to do the same for rival series Pro Evolution Soccer - but he's not going anywhere.

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Nate-Dog2640d ago

"Fixing" PES? Nice throwaway remark there CVG. Anyway while PES needs a lot of polishing PES2011 was a massive step forward and was a fun game like the good old days of PES3/PES4/PES5. It wasn't as good as they were in their time but it's definitely the right step forward and I think Konami are about to wake up considering how long it has taken them to make a good PES game this gen.

Louis_Guzman2640d ago

Totally agree, but it's cvg so I expect this kind of rhetoric. PES may not be as polished in regards to presentation, but the core gameplay stomps fifa and that's what I care about.

Pintheshadows2640d ago

"the core gameplay stomps fifa"

You should add the words of PES 5 into that statement because the last few PES games have been abysmal.

Anderson82640d ago

i gotta agree with @pintheshadows.. PES hasnt been good since ps2 days and the animation and ball physics are still terrible

anticooper2632d ago

i agree with "pintheshadows". Fifa is the new king, and has been since fifa9 in my opinion:-)

farhad2k82640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

PES has no chance now, the crown has officially been stolen by FIFA.
It's all in the name, people would rather buy something which is 100% official, and to be honest, FIFA is a better game as a whole.

All my 'PES' friends, joined Fifa around 4 years ago.. and I mean ALL my PES friends.

I guess you could say, "50,000 people used to live here, now.. it's a ghost town."

OcelotRigz2640d ago

With a misleading title like that i think its obvious how CVG feel about PES.
I dont agree with nate-dog above regarding PES2011 being a fun game, probably the most frustrating PES game ive played yet, you know what they were trying to do with the game, they had the right idea but they just didnt execute it right. PES2011's great moments were overshadowed by the numerous ridiculous flaws that plagued the game.
I really hope they make a great game this year, with FIFA looking to be the same old unrealistic crap, i really need a decent footie game.

Pintheshadows2640d ago

"with FIFA looking to be the same old unrealistic crap".

Yeah, and PES is a sim right?

God I hate PES fanboys. They are stuck in the past. Go play PES 5, it will cheer you up.

Better yet go watch a football match. You clearly need to if you think that PES is realistic compared to FIFA.

Unless you were trying to be funny.

Anderson82640d ago

you play PES and your talking about unrealistic?...

OcelotRigz2640d ago

Just because i called FIFA unrealistic doesnt mean i think PES is. A lot of assumptions being made from my post.
Im not a "fanboy" either, if FIFA was a good football game then i would play it. I simply dont think it was, ever, and i dont think PES has been this generation. I also hate PES fanboys too, they're partly to blame for Konami's slow realization this generation that their game needs a major overhaul. For example, go to wenb, an important site for PES whereas Konami takes a lot of feedback from the community there, make a post regarding all the negative things you see in the game and see what happens. Those guys go around thinking all PES needs is a lick of paint and wala.
If Konami take their finger out they will make the best footie game out there for me, simply because they focus on gameplay (and individuality). For me FIFA is all flash and very little substance.

And for god sake where is Pace in a modern footie game, Theo Walcott IS faster than Tony fecking Hibbert!!

Nate-Dog2639d ago (Edited 2639d ago )

Perhaps I was wrong to say "fun", but what I mean is that it's the only footie game I've played in years (anything since PES5 really) where I actually enjoy and can stick playing the AI and not just online. I've already played 4 seasons on Master League and am still enjoying it. There are a lot of problems and like I said it still needs a huge amount of polishing (things like bad AI at times although the latest FIFA was worse, terrible referreing decisions for perfect slide tackles and whatnot, physically impossible passes and shots among other things). But I'm still enjoying it myself at the moment.

FlashXIII2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

I personally feel that fifa is leaps and bounds ahead of PES. Presentation hands down it is but also in modes available. Gameplay wise I just can't seem to get into pes anymore and this is coming from someone who has played various incarnations of the series for nearly 13 years now. The passing feels horribly magnetic. Defensively pes is a huge step away from fifa too especially in the psychical aspects and from what EA are doing this year, it looks like that is only going to become a bigger gap.

I don't think seabass and co are to blame fully though.. they're a small team and Konami clearly don't have the finances to invest into the sort of resources Seabass needs to create a fifa killer again.

Finally most of the pes faithful (like me) jumped ship between the 08 and 09 editions due to the DREADFUL unplayable netcode and have had little reason to really look bad. I tried so hard to get into 2011 game however something as small as the amount of unlicensed teams in the game is a tough pill to swallow considering Fifa goes down as far as League Two teams.

kza2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

Fixing PES WTF PES is alot better than fifa-same goal EVERY game. PES has returned and is KING of football games again

Pintheshadows2640d ago

FIFA same goal every game? What the shit are you chatting about? The only reason you might perceive that is because in every PES match you tend to win 7-2.

My example for FIFA variety is this. Hammers vs Chelski. 1st half stalemate when Matt Jarvis finally manages to best Bosingwa on the flank and curls one in toward Carlton. He connects at the far post but Cech makes a wonder save but straight into the path of a stumbling Kevin Nolan who just manages to poke it home.

FIFA goalscoring is no longer formulaic and like every PES fanboy you are living in the past and have been overcome by delusion.

kza2640d ago

LOL 7-2 what are u CHATTING about NOOB!!

Nate-Dog2639d ago

You might not think it but it is, every finish has been the same in FIFA in years. Free-kicks, long-range shots, lobs, one-on-ones, they all go in the same one way or another (and yeah I know what I'm talking about since I've played around 1000 games just online between FIFA 08 and FIFA 11. I even started lobbing with the square (or X for X360) button to try and mix things up.