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welle2358d ago

cool :) its the same skin only different color...but cool :)

Jezuz2358d ago

Is it free ? The title says free. But the previous DLC wasn't free.

malamdra2358d ago

the sektor and cyrax customes were free with scarlet so this is probably free with the sync update

@RedDeadDestroyer (below): DLC in many cases means "disc locked content"

RedDead2358d ago

Why is this Dlc? Smoke's costume is already in the game, why do we need Dlc to use it?

NarooN2358d ago

Because it's DLC (disc-locked content).

Sometimes I really hate this generation. Almost EVERYTHING is DLC. We rarely even get complete games at launch anymore.

MasterCornholio2358d ago (Edited 2358d ago )

Cant wait to own people as a noob in this game. LOL srry couldnt resist. At least they didnt bring back motion sensor man.

MachoMoustachio2358d ago

I think I might be the only person on Earth that liked MoKap.

Skate-AK2358d ago

They look good. I wowner what Rains extra classic costumes are going to be. Hopefully his old one too.

Miiikeyyy2356d ago

You're right people that have dissagreed with me, I actually hate the dlc -_-

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