PC Gaming Celebrates Death In Style

SG - Yes friends, we are gathered here once again to celebrate the life and times of our good friend PC Gaming, who was tragically taken from us, seemingly as soon as he was born.

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led10902576d ago

This is how sarcasm should be. Ambiguous but still conspicuous

evrfighter2576d ago

"However, I am afraid I must impart some bad news. In light of record profits and huge sales of even ancient games, Valve has announced they just can’t handle this amount of cash inflow, and are closing their doors at the end of the month."

I lul'd

kramun2575d ago

I've been enjoying pc gamings death for many years. I enjoyed it with The Witcher 2 and I shall be enjoying its death with Rage when it releases as well. If a funeral's not worth doing well, it's not worth doing at all.

*Sheds a tear*

ExPresident2575d ago

No crap, PC being lead for BF3 clearly says its death is certain :P

kevnb2575d ago

Pc gaming won't ever die unless pcs die.

RedDead20672575d ago

I realize the article was sarcastic but I'll say it anyway.

Any pirates out there, look at the Steam Sales right now.
Amazing prices. Go legitimate and support the PC gaming industry.

steve30x2575d ago

You also have to understand that a lot of PC gamers dont have credit / debit cards to buy online.