The Greatest RPG Video Games Ever Made has their community constantly vote on a list of the greatest RPGs ever made. Did your favorite make the cut?

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Army_of_Darkness2577d ago

FF7, FFX, chrono cross, chrono trigger, FF tactics, Xenogears and grandia 3 should be in the top spots.

maawdawg2577d ago

Planescape: Torment doesn't make the top 70? It is in my top 5 ever.

Old school Bard's Tale and D&D styled games (Eye of the Beholder, etc) are better than more than half of the stuff up there.

Deadman_Senji2577d ago

Bump FF7 higher. I want to see it above Mass Effect. This appears to be based on votes.

InLaLaLand2577d ago

I would swap FF VII for FF X (FF X is lower). FF X was great in terms of story!

kamakaz3md2577d ago

deus ex series, just my opinion and way better then mass effect series... i like shooting rpg's, not so much any of that turn based stuff..

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The story is too old to be commented.