IGN - Mario for Wii U Still Early

IGN - Yoshiaki Koizumi discusses Mario for Wii U and reveals a surprising feature that was cut from Majora's Mask.

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Samus HD2573d ago

just give me a mario kart Wii U

mike1up2572d ago

This news isnt having that usual "yay Nintendo" effect on me. Im actually getting worried. Are any of the classic first party titles suppose to launch on the Wii U?

Ive read that both Smash Bros. and Zelda are a few years away. Now Nintendo has revealed that Mario is still early in development. I was really hoping to pick the Wii U up at launch time, but, what will i play?

NESpower2572d ago

Pikmin 3 seems really far in development and will probably be among launch games.