Tales of Xillia May Come To Europe If Demand Is High Enough

With Tales of Vesperia being localized for Xbox 360, there is nothing wrong with expecting the latest Tales for PlayStation 3 get the same treatment too. Now, here is a good news

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Godmars2902635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

Can someone explain to me, as Western fans of all things anime, how have we failed that JP devs have to think about bringing their games over?


Okay, for me personally it might "mostly" all things anime, but I just never really got into the loli craze.)

dangert122635d ago

To be honest i don't think these jap publisher have lost it and think where looking for something other then a good game and trying to 'westernize it' looks a square enix, you make me a good japanse rpg adventure etc and i'm buying i play good games not stereotypes playing stereotypes is boring and is not the reason i'm on N4G

NewMonday2635d ago

we should start an fan operation like with Nintendo and before that Sega, it even worked with Namco who will bring TOF over. let's start from now instead of waiting a year after the release of Xillia.

We should also bring Sony into this since its exclusive. I don't like their hands off passive attitude about Japanese developed games, even a good 1st party game like Vicious isn't published in the west.

Sony should take responsibility and pressure publishers, especially since a big portion of the PS3 fan base like Japanese developed games since the PS1, and were expecting the same from the PS3.

Xof2635d ago

As anime fans? Rampant piracy.

As gamers? Well, that's trickier. In large part, it's due to the relatively poor sales of the PS3 in North America and the unexpected success of the Xbox 360. A lot of Japanese executives (which, remember, don't necessarily know much about gaming, period) saw the success of the 360 and the "rise of the shooter" and thought that Americans were only interested in mud-colored action games. So they either wrote off releasing games outside of Japan, or (like Square Enix) focused on making their own mud-colored games.

It's also important to note that Namco-Bandai has made dozens of AWFUL decisions, one after another, for the past several years--like releasing their own, more niche titles the same week as mulitple, overhyped, big-budget games. Etc., etc.

Deadman_Senji2635d ago

A very vocal minority trying to make it look like nobody wants jrpgs anymore. Mainstream reviewers are also biased against them for some weird reason and they spread their venom around, painting a wrongful negative image of the entire genre, generalizing the fanbase and basically saying "OMG LOOK AT HOW WEIRD THESE PEOPLE ARE, GIRLY MEN, BIG OVERCOMPENSATING SWORDS, etc"

Can't a sword just be a sword? Whatever happened to cool looking weapons for the sake of being cool. These people are so dull and probably miserable that they want every dev to make their games as realistic as possible. I personally don't want to live in a world where Japanese games stop coming here. I don't think I can deal with a world completely monopolized by western games. I just can't do it, I'll quit playing games altogether.

I just don't see what's so great about western video games. We seem to only produce a few genres and that just isn't good enough for me. Western devs need to be more open minded about delivering new ideas and aesthetics. I, for one am getting tired of seeing the same character designs over and over again. It's always just a false idea of what "manhood" should be and I am sick of it.

InLaLaLand2635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

I agree western reviewers are there to take a jab at JRPGs which makes people not buy them games.

I think some companies (like Namco) should take a leaf out of Sega's book (apart from Sonic and Yakuza 3 cuts). Sega did a great job localising Yakuza 4 (GOTY for me along with LBP 2) for their fanbase. Kenzan might get released but would get bashed.

NewMonday2635d ago

"Mainstream reviewers are also biased against them for some weird reason"

Like with WKC, I just got this game not expecting much after all the 5-6/10 scores, but I was blown away.

The 4 big pillars of RPGs, progression, exploration, combat and loot all get 9/10; it even has great MP with a great community. .

The maps are big well done different and are affected by climate and time of day, and with mission markers that stop you from getting lost like most JRPGs. Another great thing is that thier is no loading inside towns or maps; they are big connected sandbox areas, going inside shops and homes is like GTA.

Skill and specialization is very deep, no 2 characters will be the same and shouldn’t. Enemies have different strengths and weaknesses, having a big skill set to counter them is a must.

The story is good for what it is, a heroic adventure, not philosophical plot like Xenogears or MegaTen games. It's more like DQ8 Zelda.

Loot is plenty and important, because it is used for crafting, and crafting is also great in this game and gives you the best weapons.

MP is great, you can make a town or visit others to go in quests and monster hunts, and despite being 50 levels above me, senior players still help me and babysit me thro missions.

… Ok… I guess I digress :P

RoyaleWC2635d ago

I too bought White Knight Chronicles despite the reviews, albeit most of them said comments like 'if you're a jrpg nut you'll love it'. It's not only 'nuts' who'll like it, it's a great game, it's a shame reviewers can't be more open minded. There's certain people who just shouldn't be reviewing particular genres, ie an fps fan is always going to think rpg's suck. This results in lower scores on metacritic, which makes buyers skeptical.

Redempteur2635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

well there was a time when this was so popular publisher didn't think about bringing them too much but not everything is good and at a moment , the averages games didn't sell enough . after this point , they thinked that all we enjoy is the things western and they excluded themselves .
"they started to think : we are not good enough "

But in this case , namco usa is the one that made the bad decisions .., unless you're DBZ , naruto or tekken they don't care much ..and now they are trying to feed us generic games their original public didn't care ( enslaved , majin ). and then they don't bother ...

it didn't help that a small cast of reviewers just started hating jrpg for no real reason when Wrpgs just didn't do much better

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ZeroX98762634d ago

Most PS3 games are NOT region locked so hehe!

Darkseeker2633d ago

Translation: It may come to both North America and Europe. Namco isn't Nintendo.