8bitfix Review: Team Fortress 2

8bitfix writes: Surely reviewing a game that's nearly four years old is a bad idea, right? Not when you consider that on June 23rd, 2011 Valve announced Team Fortress 2 would be Free to Play. And not when you consider that Valve has been releasing a steady stream of updates since the original release that has dramatically added value to the game. As of the time of writing this review, there have been 223 updates to the original game. A review of the game today would be different than a review of the game four years ago, because the game has changed so much that it's like playing a new iteration of the game.

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When you consider this came out a month before CoD4 (October 2007, nearly 4 years ago) and how many new features, modes, items, maps and general awesome content this has received, it really has the hallmarks of arguably being labelled the greatest game ever.

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PC Version 9.5 = continually updated and F2P
Mac Version 9.5 = continually updated and F2P
Xbox Version 6.0 = updated less than 10 times but almost bug free
PS3 Version 2.5 = never updated by Valve, bug ridden, multiple exploits and full of hackers/mods imported from PC

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A little late to the party, but still worthy of the score!

I love this game! As long as you have a good server to play on!

Yesterday as a spy, I sapped an engies teleporter at their base, he came back and set it up and I uncloaked and sapped it about 6 more times. Whenever he ran around to shoot or find me I would just play ring around the rosy with him. Good memories with this game, so much fun.

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A great game, but as usual PC gamers blow it out of proportion


9/10 for me

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Well then show me a console game with support and free updates for this long?