Journey Beta Impressions

MEGamers takes a look at the unique PS3 exclusive from ThatGameCompany.

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manman62550d ago

I can't wait until I get my hands on this game. It seem so different from any game I have ever played.

BakedGoods2549d ago

I've played it. It's GOTY.

ShoryukenII2549d ago

Please give me your PSN ID and password. I'll sell you my soul.

BakedGoods2549d ago

I would if I could!! I actually got it from a buddy of mine who got in the beta.

Lykon2549d ago

it's the same as flow and flower essentially. you float towards pretty collectibles that makes your character grow a long tail with ambient sound and visuals. It's cool but not new. it's flow version 1.3. I'm still downloading it though

t0mmyb0y2549d ago

"I'm still downloading it though"

So you have or haven't played it yet??

Lykon2549d ago

i've got flow and flower but have only seen a vid of journey. i should have written that I am still going to download it when it is released. Although (from what i've seen) it's the same game play mechanic ie collecting stuff that makes a graphic grow longer, but hopefully it is more than that. Flower was quite a beautiful and surprisingly emotional game, especially the last stage. Flow was a 30 min novelty. So I do like where the series is going.

HaHa_Ostrich2549d ago

I want more games like this. So relaxing, so atmospheric. This game is a reminder that games can me so much more than shooting, violence and gore.

Apocwhen2549d ago

It's fantastic.
Day one purchase for me.
Art style is great and the music awesome too. Fits the game so well.

wirapuru2549d ago

"Day one purchase for me." +1

I'm waiting for this to be released for a long time. I didn't have any console and Journey was one of the games that made me purchase a ps3. Very immersible by screens and videos, I wonder when I play it!

Unfortunately I couldn't get a beta code, but in a way was good, I want to experience it first time only it's ready to go full throttle =)

moaradin2549d ago

I would buy this if they brought it to PC...