2.0 - White Knight Chronicles II Review

Gameblog writes: If one were to summarize the forfeiture of JRPG in recent years, White Knight Chronicles II would be a good example. With a combat system that seeks and finds that the fatigue of the player, its history and its characters so bland that one wonders if one is in 2011 and finally, shamelessly recycling of the first episode. One can not imagine that only a few multi supernatant, a sufficient reason to engage in this painful adventure ... It is hoped that Ninokuni, the third draft of Level-5 on PS3, we will forget what ratage second rule on the console of Sony HD.

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EVO-OM3GA2607d ago (Edited 2607d ago )

Now this is unfair on the developers, let alone the fans of the game!

This game does not deserve a 1/5!

I say ban the MOD that posted this & debubble the users that agreed this!

femshep2607d ago

yeah right, this game is a gem....just cause reviewers are extremely biased today and always seemed to get assigned to game genres they don't like dosn't give them the right to say the game is terrible....everyone i know outside of the us loves it as well as the first

SonyNGP2606d ago

There's no reason to be butthurt over this. It's one's opinion, not some judgmental fact.

lepolohuevo2606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )

Hey, chill the fuck out you baby. I didn't post this to troll the game (which I got) and I like it. I posted it because I think even if it doesn't deserve a score that low, the reviewer still makes a few good points.

FamilyGuy2606d ago

Wow, harsh score, he even mentions it having part 1 on the same disc as a negative aspect. Like serious wtf is wrong with this guy?

He should of let his buddy who was "addicted to the online portion of part 1" review this for him.

Reviewers are constantly reviewing games based on what they want them to be rather than what they are. This isn't an MMO, it's a classic style jrpg with an extensive online component. To be frank, without playing online/ going on those optional quest you're missing more then half the game as well as seeing less the a fourth of the weapons and armor. You aren't even really seeing the depth of the battle system.

He might as well of given it a 0/5. I doubt he even played more than 3 hours with how little was mentioned in the review. "Waa, I made a character and the main character is someone else!", end review. LAME

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Kamikaze1352607d ago

Hmm...I think anything below 4/10 is a little exaggerated.

sayonara892607d ago

Awesome score LOL. SCEJ is the weakest part of SCE, Kaz really need to set their asses on fire.

girlwithturn2606d ago

Stupid comment. SCEJ made most innovative/original games in this generation: patapon, loko, last guy.

TBM2606d ago

Hey clown this game is made by level 5 a 3rd party developer not sony. Next time do some research before making stupid comments like that.

I don't care about reviewers its their opinions not mine. They don't speak for me I enjoyed the first game and i'll enjoy the second game when it releases over here in the states.

clearelite2607d ago (Edited 2607d ago )

Another one of these sites huh? I wonder if they expect people with an IQ of over 50 to take them seriously. Reviews are supposed to be objective, not a reflection of your own inner agony.

In all honestly though, I shouldn't talk because I haven't played the game yet. But from what I hear it is well above average, am I wrong on this?

TheColbertinator2607d ago


WKC has some good ideas and the online setup is surprisingly well designed.Its not a bad game but its more like a passable game with a few good ideas such as GeoNet and Georama.

Its not 1/5 though,just because its not amazing or innovative doesn't mean it should be ignored.

clearelite2607d ago

Thanks for the response, will keep an eye on it.

NewMonday2606d ago


if you liked the Level-5 developed Dragon Quest games you will love this. the only problem for me is bland character models

i will PM you a more lengthy response.

5119ent2607d ago

I would still buy it. Personally , I dont trust the reviews of jrpgs this gen

clearelite2607d ago (Edited 2607d ago )

I don't trust reviews in general this gen. That's why I think it's important to use my own judgement ultimately. I understand that the reviewer is upset that the JRPG has lost some of it's magic and I can sympathize, but I will do more investigation and make my own decisions.

I would LOVE to see JRPGs go back to their roots to an extent while incorporating some innovation. I see people pushing for new graphics, but that will only put more pressure on companies to take the safe route and make cheesy mainstream junk to try and sell it to the masses and casuals.

Now that it's a little cheaper to develop on the PS3 and the hardware is not as intimidating, I can hope that for the next 5 years some talented smaller studios will be able to crank out a lot of gems.

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