6 New Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi Gameplay Videos

Trunks, Cell, Goku, Vegeta, Android 18, and Broly fighting in 6 videos.

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Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi, formerly known as Dragon Ball Game Project Age 2011

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tayz2489d ago

Unlike Raging Blast 1+2 the more I am seeing of the new game, the more I am liking.

DrRichtofen2489d ago

This game has really surprised me it looks fantastic! I'm just gonna go mark this down on my christmas list lol

zep2488d ago

i hope the story mode will have a lvling system and a world map i can fly on and search for the dragon balls like on Budokai 3

bigboss9112488d ago

was my eyes playing tricks on me? or did i just see it go into 2d budokai fighting mode when they got close range,and then break back into 3d fly around mode when knocked away???? watch the cell vs trunks vid... if thats the way it is then im sold.

Farsendor12488d ago

wish this would come to pc with gamepad supported of course playing fighting games with keyboard sux.

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