Screwing the customers

Abyss Master from Xero Gaming discusses a few ways in which game companies lately are not exactly looking out for their clientele.

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Godmars2902640d ago

I'm sorry, but there was much about this current generation which was more about game companies than customers. Much of the JP market on HD consoles alone was more about catering to the Western market than their own, and as a result everyone has only suffered.

gamerfan4eva2640d ago

it's always about the bottom line

Mases2640d ago

The whole Resident Evil Mercenaries business is very related to the whole Nintendo of America and Xenoblade situation. Both of them just make me shake my head and ask, what's a matter with these people... What are they thinking? Seriously. Overall a good article.

LegendZelda2640d ago

Resident Evil Mercenaries was one the main reasons I bought the 3DS. I loved the mode in RE 4 and 5 SO I was excited to have it on handheld form.

Sadly I have heard bad things about it. Seeing a lot of comments about how it is not worth 40 bucks and limited in gameplay and features.

And not being able to delete save

LegendZelda2640d ago

I also find it ridiculous how Nintendo will not bring over all of these games to America. So many people petitioned for it and they got a lot of preorders on amazon. Localizing a game is not all that much extra work and they would make a lot of fans happy and make loads of cash in the process.

Where is the logic in their thinking?

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