Japanese singer Maki Goto develops severe gaming addiction

After her sudden and unexpected retirement, Japanese singer Maki Goto has been filling the hole in her heart by playing her Wii, Xbox and PSP. After beating "Monster Hunter"'s 999th level, she announced it to fans, who were shocked.

All day, every day, Maki is playing video games and it seems she doesn't have any friends, according to insiders. "She's got a lot of free time, and she should be practicing her music or acting."

But up until now, Maki's pride has been extremely high, as a former top idol. Around the same age as rival singer Sawajiri Erika, Maki has allowed herself to be consumed by video games.

"While I'm sure games are fun, playing all day, every day and being completely absorbed must be lonely."

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bwazy2457d ago

If I was rich and famous I'd do whatever the heck I wanted to and not give a rats ass about what anyone would think.

Keep on gaming lady, your living the dream.

handheldwars22457d ago ShowReplies(2)
blackbeld2457d ago

I wish I have a girlfriend like Maki Goto!

Beautiful and love gaming that is great.

egidem2457d ago

A gamer is born. Now that she's at least experienced quite a lot of that world, she might go back go her career but I'm sure she'll sooner or later come back to gaming.

Pozzle2456d ago


As long as she's happy and healthy, what's the problem?

And she recently lost her mother (if the comments at the source are anything to go by) so I don't blame her for wanting a bit of time off, tbh.

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Warprincess1162457d ago

I know alot of people on here can relate to this article.

k-dillinger2457d ago

come on we know damn well shes not playing xbox i guess they had to throw that in there becuz thats the only way to get ppl to even care about xbox lmao...

bwazy2457d ago

Dude, im proud of you and I'ma let you finish, but trolling is the lamest thing of all time.


IanVanCheese2457d ago

The PS3 fanboyism around here astounds me

Gray-Fox-Type02457d ago

prime example why PS3 fansboys are a disgrace to the real fans. Seriously this is why PS3 fanboys are known to be the worst of the bunch and cry about literally anything. I enjoy all platforms, Save some money up and buy the other console to play its games.. rather then trying to justify your purchase of your console and slandering others who purchased one different from yours.

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IanVanCheese2457d ago

Also I'll be her friend if she needs one, She can come round mine and play games anytime :p

RedDead2457d ago

If she doesn't want her life to fal apart, she should limit her gaming time, however, she doesn't have to give it up, just limit it to like 4 hours instead of the whole day.

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The story is too old to be commented.