The state of play - Wii U and the 'core' gamer

The Wii U promises to offer advanced graphical capabilities, a robust online infrastructure and heaps of third party support, but are Nintendo simply pandering to an audience that doesn't care about them?

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bwazy2642d ago

Will see when it comes out. Nuff said.

Hide_and_Geek2642d ago

Sorry, but that's a weak comment.
So because it's not out, we can't discuss it?

bwazy2642d ago

Oh we can flood this site with 10000000+ articles and comments stating the exact same thing every other week sure. Or we can just see how it starts to play out for at LEAST 6 months without roffling all over the "theories and hypothesis" department.

Out of bubbles.... Sigh, oh well.

ChickeyCantor2641d ago

I have to agree with bwazy.
bubbles up mate.