IGN: UFC Personal Trainer PS3 PlayStation Move Review

IGN writes: UFC Personal Trainer had potential, but it stumbled along the way. The Kinect version is notably superior to the PlayStation Move version, so choose wisely if you happen to own both platforms.

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EVO-OM3GA2642d ago

I personally thought the MOVE version of this game would be better do to the MOVEs accuracy

sinncross2642d ago

It really does not matter how good the hardware is, you still have to design the software properly.

DrShoe2642d ago

Typical IGN review? Remember they hated The Fight, which is arguably one of the best motion boxing simulators out there. The glowing review for the kinect version of this game proves my point.

IGNorant is at it again.

EVO-OM3GA2642d ago

But didnt fight get not so great reviews from a number of game sites not just IGN

darkequitus2642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )


Dlacy13g2642d ago

@Drshoe, The glowing review of Kinect version proves your point? Proves what point? That IGN didn't just throw one review up for both versions and actually played both versions and let us know their is a clear difference and one is definitely better than the other? That point? Oh...ok good. For a second I thought you were going somewhere silly with your comment.

TheDivine2641d ago

Face it some games are better without a controller like workout, sports, dancing and well thats about it lol. Who would want to use move for pushups and crunches?

2641d ago
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dkgshiz2642d ago

Looked like trash. Turns out to be was expected.

Biggest2641d ago

If anyone expected this to be a good game and believes that the Kinect version is as good as certain reviews say it is. . .

I have an adult walker. . . I mean POWER RACK!!!! that I'd like to sell you for the low, low price of 12 payments of $19.99!!!

IHateYouFanboys2641d ago

How could people even think the move version would be better?

Have you ever seen ufc? Ever been to a gym? You can't do that training purely by tracking 2 points - your hands in moves case. You need to have your whole body tracked in 3d space. This is the difference between move and kinect.

And to think there are still people who think move can do everything kinect does lol

5119ent2641d ago

The stuff kinect does dosen't add anything to game play and thats why the game still suck and all are casual.

killerhog2641d ago

The fight is actually better than what most reviewers *cough* IGN *cough* said it wasn't. I'm surprised about this review but it's IGN what do you expect. I always feel some reviewers like IGN hold a much stricter standard for ps3 games.

JellyJelly2641d ago

Or maybe it's your standards than are a bit biased?

Here are some review scores for The Fight: Lights Out (avg score 50.04%).

GamesRadar 2/10
Playstation Official Magazine US 4/10
GameZone 3/10
TotalPlaystation 7/10
GameTrailers 3.6/10
PlayStation LifeStyle 2/10
GameSpot 5/10
Eurogamer 5/10

killerhog2641d ago

No I'm sorry it's not. Wow you gave a list of reviews, I can do the same too. Also I go by comments and what friends who actually have it say about it as well to get a general consensus. But you're just gonna go by reviews because youre close minded and cant think for yourself

JellyJelly2641d ago

You were bashing IGN for not liking the game and I just wanted to show you that it's not just IGN. Even dedicated Playstation sites gave it bad scores.

You seem too close minded to accept the fact that most people (excluding you and your "friends") thought that the game sucked.

guigsy2641d ago

Didn't IGN give Resistance 2 a 9.5? And Uncharted 2? And LittleBigPlanet? Flawed theory - as Jelly says, you just have biased standards, it's just that you can get away with it because so many other people on this website are the same.

Titanz2641d ago

It's a good device, but the Wii-mote(with motion plus enabled) makes them about the same.People only realize the "graphical" difference, which will change once the Wii U launches(For those of you who don't know, the Wii U is %100 compatible with Wii games and accessories).

BrianG2641d ago

Move also tracks in 3D space though, making games like The Fight possible on Move and not Wii Motion Plus. That is due to the inclusion of a camera.

I've even used Wii Motion Plus and have to say the difference is larger than you make it out to be.

Titanz2641d ago

I'm just content with what the Wii offers me as a motion control system.

BrianG2641d ago (Edited 2641d ago )

That is fine, but just because your content does not mean they are equal in performance.

Even if equal in the tracking space as you claim, though move has the ability to recreate your movements 1:1 on screen while motion plus does not because Move tracks in 3D space. That to me makes it the clear winner.

But your opinion is your opinion, I wont disagree with that.

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