How Pokemon Can Be Nintendo's 'Killer App' Again

NextgenRetro writes: Its been a long time since Pokemon first debuted. Its Red and Blue versions took the world by storm and captured the imagination of millions. The game did so many things right the first time around it remained virtually unchanged through iteration after iteration. No one seemed to notice either.

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bwazy2637d ago

Either A: 1st person HUGE (and i mean HUUUUUUUUGE) Pokemon world with deep RPG elements and very awesome landscapes to transverse.

Or B: Pokemon MMO..... Or Multiplat pokemon game.

Anderson82636d ago

why first person?
..i could without another game from that perspective

mmo would be sweet tho

bwazy2636d ago

because it was something different in the series and the most immersive genre based on perspectives.

Bull5hifT2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

Gta chinatown wars view.. Yeah id like to throw out all 151 original pokemon and see them battle in full 3d and for every move to look orignal and epic not like some flash and the other pokemon just shivers something along that old Fight Night Concept video Kudo showed off years ago... BTW i never played pokemon stadium or colluseum.... Isnt nintendo owned by Nintendo? haa Ha ment pokemon... But still i think nintendo showed up during startup Sonys response was DIGIMON Or INVISIMALS

Anderson82635d ago


fair enough although i dont think perspective has any effect on immersion personally..

just give me a huge rpg final fantasy like or similar to elder scrolls and i'd be happy.. i'm more interested in scale than perspective

The Great Melon2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

I want see Nintendo make a game where you are the Pokemon. Rather than issuing commands when you enter a battle, I wish you would switch to the view of the Pokemon so that you can have a sort of action game.

Make this Nintendo -- you will sell millions.

AWBrawler2635d ago

why FP and how the hell would multiplat help?
360 and PS3 gamers wouldn't buy it anyway

ABizzel12636d ago

It is their Killer App, If a game dropped exclusively for the 3DS right now, the 3DS sales would double instantly.

An MMO should be able to happen now that the Wii U is coming out. It's suppose to be as powerful as the 360/PS3 maybe slightly more or less. If more than hands down it should be able to play MMO's because the PS3 has a few running already Free Realms, DC Universe, PS Home (somewhat), and soon DUST 514. If it's weaker then it still should be able to run it, because POkemon has a simple cell shaded art style, which should make rendering the world less taxing. But nevertheless, I wouldn't hold my breath.

Louis_Guzman2636d ago

Pokemon MMORPG's subscription base would make WoW's look miniscule.

VampiricDragon2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

what are you idiots talking about?

its already a killer app that sells 10+ million units, top reviews, side games, merchandise, anime/manga, adoration of millions and millions of fans all around the world ect

an mmo is a dumb idea and only comes from people who dont play pokemon. Paying for a game weve payed once in a 15 year span, and then paying monthly for a dubious at best service isnt a good idea.

pokemon is great because it works with tons of genres. Turn based, action, dungeon crawler ect.

People need to leave what doesnt need to be fixed alone

VampiricDragon2636d ago

just annoyed that people who dont play every single pokemon game for at least 100 hours are commenting on what should be done when they have no clue

shanesgc2636d ago

I feel like theres a difference between what a simple 3DS Pokemon game and what I described would do. "killer app" is a relative term, and what I meant is clearly not how you are interpreting it. Some people are grasping the scale of what's possible, and you would like the same exact game as last time because it does well as is.

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