Fancy List Time: Top 7 Most Dateable Video Game Heroes

GP blogger, Ordinary Gentleman writes, "My previous entry ranked my top ladies of gaming and it came with general likes and minimum death threats. But fear not my lady gamers of the world, I haven’t forgotten about you. Through an extensive 30 minute long bout of research, I’ve compiled a list of the top seven most eligible bachelors in gaming Behold! Take a gander at this sweet, sweet list and prepare to swoon over what could have been – if you know, they were real people."

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WhiteLightning2635d ago

What about Jansen from Lost Odyssey....he was a bit of a pimp wasn't he :)

bwazy2635d ago

Uhhh, none. Because I'm sure under all those clothes theres no genitals for either sex. As they were not designed with them.

Bubble BURST.