Mortal Kombat Getting Patched To Fix Desync Issues

TheSixthAxis: Tired of getting desync errors when playing Mortal Kombat online? Of course you are. The issue has plagued both versions of the game ever since the latest update, although it’s more prevalent on the PS3. NetherRealm Studios has announced that a patch will be released sometime next week to fix the problem. A solution for the Xbox 360 version was also provided.

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Dart892601d ago (Edited 2601d ago )

Awesome i just got done playing and i lost connection like at least 5/20 matches i played.

@below yea it definitely gets annoying especially when you're owning the other player.

Delriach2601d ago

Yeah, it's really annoying. It happens to me more often than not.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2601d ago

it happens to me 1/5 matches and i have 80% wifi so it not my internet.

LOGICWINS2601d ago

Eh..I've given up on the online already. Mastering the intricacies of 20+ MK characters offline ALONE is $40 well spent.

malamdra2601d ago

it only happens to me when I tried to use Scarlet or any of the classic costumes/fatalities of the first DLC pack

if you stay with the original stuff it doesn't seem to happen, at least not on PS3

Warprincess1162601d ago

No i need you to fix the lag. I don't care about the desync issues. This game is unplayable online.

killerhog2601d ago

no i need you to stop trolling before i desync your hands from your keyboard. ah eff it

*places your hands on the ps3 grill and burns it*

TenSteps2601d ago

Let's let them take one step at a time

killerhog2601d ago

i need you to fix your attitude; and be less annoying *bumps right onto you and knocks you on your bottom and continues walking* out of the way troll, got some MK to play in PSN where youre still not welcomed

maniacmayhem2601d ago

It's amazing to me that these fighting games dont test their online capability. That should have been high on the priority list.

Anyways please fix this and the lag.

Lovable2601d ago

It's probably a very hard thing to do...

maniacmayhem2601d ago

I understand that there will always be lag playing certain people around the world. But in MK it seems like over half the people i play are lagging. This is hardly the case when i play SSF4.