IGN:The number 1 modern game is....

If there's one question we get all the time on My IGN and Twitter, it's "I just picked up [insert modern video game machine]. What should I play?" That's why we made this list of the Top 100 Modern Video Games. If you just came out of the persistent vegetative state you've been in since just before the Xbox 360 ushered in the era of high definition, these are the games we think you should play from the six years that have made up the current console generation. And yes, we worked in the coolest PSP, DS and mobile games that came out during that timeframe, too.

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Dart892638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )

That was expected much.

Edit:If you don't feel like giving hits to IGNorant number one is ME2:).

Supman2638d ago

I don't think mass effect was very fun...
I honestly thought it was going to be super mario galaxy 2.

jidery2638d ago

Honestly, LittleBigPlanet should be at least in the top 10, if not first place. No game has been more innovative this generation.

handheldwars22638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )

1. Super Mario Galaxy 2
2. Portal 2
3. Metal Gear Solid 4
4. Super Mario Galaxy
5. Mass Effect 2
6. Red Dead Redemption
7. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
8. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
9. Assassin's Creed II
10.Super Smash Bros Brawl

These are definitely the top 7 games of this generation! F*** bioshock, batman and fallout 3, where are MGS 4 and SMG!?? I'm sure you skipped them just because Peace Walker and SMG2 are similar entries in the series IGNorant...

jony_dols2638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )

Uncharted 2 is only at #7 ?

Uncharted 2 is the quintessential modern game.

It's big budget, has stellar graphics, top notch voice acting & mo-cap, a musical score worthy of Hollywood and on top of a riveting single player campaign, it had an excellent multiplayer component to go with it. It is the epitome of a modern gaming.

Those features are what we will look back at as hallmarks of this generation of games, and yet, Uncharted 2 only comes in at a paltry seventh! I'm not saying it is a definite #1, but it deserves more respect than IGN has given it!

RedDead2638d ago

Sorry not everyone loves Uncharted, and not everyone loves ME2. I think both are just good games and nothing more(and there's not F***ing way either are the best of all time), one should start naming their top 10 games, you'll just get rampant disagree's because everyones list varies quite alot, I could name my top 20, but in no order at all. I just put games into a catagory, good games, great games and bad games. A list of top 100 games will never be universal.

zootang2638d ago

Who cares IGN aren't relevant any more.

SuperLupe2638d ago

"Who cares IGN aren't relevant any more."

Who cares IGN aren't relevant any more ON N4G. FIXED.

Its not because a bunch of extremist fanboys (btw kind of funny how 360/Nintendo/PC fanboys dont give a sh!t) on N4G DECIDE that they arent relevant that it makes them unrelevant.

You have to understand that outside of N4G nobody cares what you people think say or do. Nobody.

handheldwars22638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )


Cliffy B! :P

lil Titan2638d ago

you get better advice on games from your friends than the people on IGN

TheOtherTheoG2638d ago

They did say at the beginning of the article quite clearly that they weren't allowed to put two games from the same franchise in, hence they chose SMG2 over SMG, Portal 2 over Portal, MGS Peace Walker over MGS4, ME2 over ME1, etc.

And have you actually played Bioshock, Fallout 3 or Arkham Asylum, because if you haven't, trust me, they're really quite good.

Monkey5212638d ago

@ People saying PS3 fanboys are butthurt...

I hope you all realize that Mass Effect 2 is on the PS3. There has nothing to do with the console war.

While I don't agree that this makes IGN irrelevant, I have to say that I do not agree with this list completely, but I guess that's what happens when you try to appease the masses across all the consoles.

Louis_Guzman2638d ago

@ superlupe: And by extension, nobody really cares what you, I or Ign, heck the whole internet videogame blog community thinks. These videogame forums are representative of such a small percentage of actual players that it's really quite irrelevent when all the consumers of videogames are taken into consideration. You think the family that just bought Super Mario bros Wii cares what Ign thinks? Hell, they probably don't even know what Ign is.

TheDivine2638d ago Show
Marceles2638d ago

ME2...meh. I like the first one better, its selling point was it was like a third person shooter RPG where you make decisions that affect the story. ME2 totally got rid of the RPG element and added that retarded planet scanning

gamingdroid2638d ago

Where these games voted on by users?

gaden_malak2638d ago

"Sorry not everyone loves Uncharted, and not everyone loves ME2"

Not everyone loves any game. What's your point?

Pixel_Pusher2637d ago

UC2 had superior acting/dialog/cutscenes/graphi cs/gameplay and IGN is trying to tell the gaming community that ME2 was better UC2!?!?


we all know which was the better game and for damn sure it wasn't Mass Effect 2. lulz

Xbox fanboys nothing more.

ChrisW2637d ago


Did you know that ME2 was ported to the PS3?

inveni02637d ago

I agree with you. Pound for pound, Uncharted 2 may be the best game ever created.

bennyace2637d ago

It's funny how a site becomes irrelevant after they give a PS3 exclusive a bad score... Or a Multiplat a good one... I wonder how many sites are still relevant!!! Even Meta which compiles, like 90 reviews for a game is not relevant anymore...

IcarusOne2637d ago

@ jony_dols

"It's big budget, has stellar graphics, top notch voice acting & mo-cap, a musical score worthy of Hollywood..."

The fact that all of that comes before anything about how fun it is, the gameplay, or the story, tells you why it doesn't deserve to be #1. The Uncharted series and KZ are the biggest, baddest-ass tech demos the world has ever seen. Oh, and they happen to also have moments where you occasionally control a character.

ME2 is a controversial pick, but well deserved.

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mastiffchild2638d ago

Just like every GOTY award evefdr this is BS. Comparing apples to oranges to see which makes the best pineapple? Only a proper idiot would allow IGN to pretend this has ANY kind of authority whatsoever. Just stay deciding what you like yourself and don't ever bother clicking this kind of nonsense. So silly I cannot believe it.

Mustang300C20122638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )

Seriously get a life cause it isn't that damn serious. It is their opinion list and honestly you shouldn't even have this much to say about this list or anything IGN does. I have no idea why some of you kids spend so much time complaining about all things a list of games. What happen to just enjoying what you actually do like and press on.
How about you and others put your own list together of the top 100 and I am sure it won't be any more wrong than what some of you are claiming about this list.

ChrisW2637d ago


Damn well said!

snipes1012638d ago

I'll let the disagrees flow but I loved ME2. Great lengthy adventure with characters I love. Could say the same thing about Uncharted as well though. I don't really care about rankings. I love them both and this list doesn't change my opinion of that. Why is everyone else so angry about this?

bozebo2638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )

"lengthy adventure"

not true :/

TheOtherTheoG2638d ago

So 20-30 hours isn't lengthy any more?

TheTwelve2638d ago

Admittedly, ME2 is only truly lengthy if you want to have the best ending and truly experience and know the characters, and do the side missions. If you want to rush through the game it is shockingly short.


clearelite2638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )

@snipes: Judging by your lack of disagrees, perhaps it's not ME2 that people dislike. Maybe they are just tired of IGN's perceived BS. I think most of n4g would agree that ME2 was a pretty darn good game.

@superlupe: You are the one who is wrong. The opinions of thousands of N4G members definitely have an effect on people outside this community. Especially the more influential members. Also, the opinions on n4g often reflect the view of hardcore gamers in general.

Statix2638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )

I bought and beat ME2 this year, to see what all the fuss is about. In all honesty, it's good... but not THAT good. It certainly, absolutely isn't the best game of the generation. Not even close. It's not even the best game of the series.

Fwiw, I don't think Uncharted 2 is deserving of "best game of the generation" either. I've personally always thought the series was overrated (even though I beat and platinumed both UC 1 and 2).

Meh, I don't even think this list is that bad. I just think IGN freaking sucks in general, and is full of dumb wannabe journalists and probably fanboys. I've always thought IGN sucked, for at least the past decade (~2000).

Foxgod2637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

Since when do you only do the main quest in an rpg anyway?
For example, if you only did the main quest in morrowind (250+ hour game), then you could finish it in 8 hours.

Same with fallout 3, game can be completed in 6 hours if you only do the main quest, while the whole game could easily take up 60 hours of your time.

And me2 is +- 35 hours, thats pretty lengthy.

snipes1012637d ago

Well Uncharted was reasonable lengthy for a TPS and I have sunk about 40 or 50 hours into my ME2 file so yes, ME2 is kind of lengthy.

These lists to me mean nothing in terms of ranking, I dont care what gets ranked over what. What I do pay attention to is the games in it to get an idea of what games I should be checking out.

Also, why did it all of the sudden become so cool to hate on ign? It's like it's the COD of internet websites. In fact if you hate them you'll ahve to start hating 1up too because I'm pretty sure they merged or something like that (correct me if I'm wrong).

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Sony3602638d ago

I agree with it, so extra hits from me for you retards who thing IGN is some sort of bias conspiracy.

Trevonn2638d ago

they said gta4 deserved an OSCAR!

Nuff said

Sony3602637d ago

It was a good game, quit whining.

Foxgod2637d ago

gta4 was an accomplishment when it was released, right now it isnt anymore, but back then it was.

Downtown boogey2638d ago

Why not the one in that picture!!??

mynameisEvil2638d ago

While I believe Uncharted 2 is best game of the generation, I would pick BioShock over Mass Effect 2 any day.

Now, I'm not gonna say ME2 is crap, but I think BioShock had a better plot (who was expecting the twist near the end? Nobody? Exactly), better dialogue, better atmosphere, and better gunplay. It is definitely deserving of being up near the top.

Let the disagrees roll in because I said BioShock was better than ME2... come on. I'm waiting.

Danteh2638d ago

not a bad list but there is a seriously worrying lack of metal gear solid

My list would be:

1. MGS4
2. Bioshock
3. Mass Effect 2
4. Uncharted 2
5. Super Mario Galaxy 2
6. God of War III


clearelite2638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )

That's actually a pretty good list. I would have Demon's Souls on there for sure if only because it is not a meanstream piece of cheesy casual CRAP.

If anything, the fact that people can still make long lists of good games is a GREAT thing.

BTW: here's my list(7 off the top of my head):
1) Demon's souls
2) Uncharted
4)god of war 3
5) Battlefield BC2(online obviously)
6)Ninja Gaiden Sigma
7)Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2
I know I am forgetting some gems....

bloodybutcher2638d ago

nice choice,even though i am not big fan of ninja gaiden.i mean,i own both but i prefer other games.and i think RDR should be on my list.together with u2,batman aa(never knew he had a drinking problem),demon´s souls,bfbc2(and yes,sp wasn´t good but online was a king),killzone2,deadspace,cod mw,oblivion,fallout3.i liked me2 for quite a while but i got bored with it...and bioshock...i remember reading news for the first time,i was so hyped for this game...then it turned out its not coming out on ps3,what a disappointment!and when the wait was finallz over and it indeed arrive,i just didnt feel the urge to play anymore...too long to wait,just damn too long...

Orange2637d ago

@clearelite are you a chick? because with that list i think we might be soul mates.

tplarkin72638d ago

Bioware games are a glimpse into the future of video games. Mass Effect 2 is the pinnacle of their achievement and deserves the #1 spot for best modern game.

Anything on Nintendo is a rehash of the past. Their games are the equivalent of Milton-Bradley making a new board game. It may be fun, but it's not raising the bar.

mynameisEvil2638d ago

Did you ever Play Baldur's Gate? KOTOR?


Personally, I think Neverwinter Nights was their best game yet and I love that game to death. I was happy to see a return to that style of gameplay after ME1, but then ME2 and DA2 happened and now I'm seeing an awful lack of tactical RPGs. I miss those games.

nopunctuation2637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

Contenders for this list.
Mass Effect (good choice but not my choice)
LBP2 (my choice. 1000000 games in one cant be beaten period)
Fallout 3 (loads of replay value. Pretty much the essential RPG free roamer.)
Rock Band 3( thousands of music downloads ensures you will never run out of music,,,,as long as you have the money.)
Red Dead Redemption (Rockstars current gen magnum opus. Full of replay value and DLC for it is cheap and incredibly packed with content)
Demons Souls (Challenging gameplay and level scaling make this a 200 hour ordeal minimum. The only thinng that will stop you from playing is when you hit level 712....10 years later)
Uncharted simply lacks the replay value to be in this list. It is great the first time but you will never touch it again afterwards. Mario Galaxy games are easily the most overrated games of this generation and are given a free pass simply because its mario. Nothing new or innovative. Basically mario 64, mario sunshine and mario party mixed together.

EDIT:Now that I have seen the whole list im surprised at how many of my choices are in the top 10. The fact that LBP isnt even here at all discredits the whole list completly. Why is Bioshock #2? Very good game but it doesnt have the staying power that other games have. Play it for the good and evil ending and you are done unless youre a Trophy whore. This list is just full of flaws.

zeddy2637d ago

where the frack is metal gear 4?! and where is cod4?! i know everyone hates the cod franchise these days but cod4 was the ultimate modern game, it kick started the whole fps boom, the clue is in title "modern warfare".

theonlylolking2637d ago

I am fine with that choice. ME2 is one of my favorite games ever. Yes, I said ever.

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kookie2638d ago

Bioshock would be very great choice

Inside_out2638d ago

What about Resident 4? Half life 2? Mario Sunshine, Luigi's mansion ( haha, love that game ), Prince Of Persia, sands of time, COD 4...there are so many.

In the end it's just opinions and you know what they say...Opines are like A**holes, everyone has one.

snipes1012638d ago

Just about every game you mentioned is not of this generation. By "modern games" these guys are talking about 360 and on.

hilyou2638d ago

this was a modern game list for current-gen.

NLGSean2638d ago

The first Bioshock is still a game I can go back and play over and over again... IMO it is a gaming masterpiece.

NovusTerminus2638d ago

How did Peggle get 30 when Demon's Souls only got #100?

Saladfax2638d ago

Most of these lists are pretty arbitrary until it comes to the ten. I'm just glad to see Demon's Souls on the list, though I'd personally like to see it ranked higher.

It seems like most people focus on the fact that DS was *hard*, when the real beauty of the game was realized in the depth of its exploration, developing your character, and all of the little things that could be found if you were willing to play around with World Tendencies and such.

Laika2638d ago

i know!!! i blows my mind that games like plants vs zombies or shatter can be placed a game like demons souls. and then a game like mgs4 doesnt even get added

dkgshiz2638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )

I see what they did here. They used a multiplatform so the fanboys didn't wet themselves. Oh well, its what I would of done to make everyone happy. ME2 was a great game. Not my favorite. This list still was forfeit the second they put Farcry 2 on the list. Just an awful boring game that didn't even deserve to keep the title of "Farcry 2" Oh, also they put Angry Birds on the list. Just a shitty flash game that someone shit out there ass in a quick 3 seconds. Also it was higher rated then Demons Souls...oh my

Objective2638d ago

Of course Angry Birds > Demons Soul, if you would bother to take a step back and consider the average appeal each game has on gamers generally.

Louis_Guzman2638d ago

That's hilarious coming from a guy calling himself "Objective". I can see Angry Birds appealing to lobotomized mongoloids, though. Also, in my opinion, Demon's Souls > Angry Birds. Funny how opinions work.

Laika2638d ago

imo angry birds should not even be on this list. its fun for a few minutes but there is not much appeal there for me. its pretty simple and repetitive. a game like demons souls i could get lost in for hours

Statix2637d ago

By your logic, shouldn't Angry Birds be number one on the list? People have probably put way more total man hours playing that game than they have for ME2.

Statix2637d ago

@dkgshiz: Totally agree with you. Although I kinda liked Far Cry 2 (albeit, it was a massive disappointment compared to Far Cry 1).

Here's hoping Far Cry 3 will be freaking amazing.

InfiniteJustice2638d ago

Mass Effect 2 is one of my favourite games of this gen, it's an amazing game - but the best modern game might be pushing it a little.

I also think there were a few obvious games missed out... How do you miss out MGS4 in a list of ONE HUNDRED games?

EmperorDalek2638d ago

They were only allowing one game per franchise, and they picked Peace Walker over MGS4.

InfiniteJustice2638d ago

Finally someone cleared that up, thank you lol. It had me baffled as to why it wasn't there (that goes for a few other games now, too).

Peaceful_Jelly2638d ago

that's bullcrap. They have like 7 Mario games on the list!

EmperorDalek2637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

In that case per series. Which is why SMG1, MGS4, U:DF, Gears 2 and many more aren't listed.