Nintendo's Fans: Alone in the Dark

At E3 2011, Nintendo outlined its vision for the future. An hour-long presentation spoke to its ambitions for the Nintendo 3DS, its fledgling new portable, and the Wii U, a new home console designed to not only attract casual consumers but "core" gamers as well. The language was very telling, and Nintendo's focus was clear – regain the core, retain the casual. One group, however, seemed to be ignored, one that doesn't necessarily fit into "core" or "casual" categories. Outside of a brief trailer for The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (dropping later this year), Nintendo seemed to be telling its existing home console customers, its most loyal and dedicated fans, that it was focusing on 2012, not 2011. The show floor didn't prove much better, revealing only a handful of party games and licensed software for Wii

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BeastlyRig2637d ago

Never been a huge nin fab since after N64. But If they bring back thous good times like N64 gave me as a kid I will hop on board!

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2637d ago

The controller is really my only complaint for the WiiU, The controller has really always been the reason i stood away from nintendo.

I've never had a problem playing my Nes, Or Snes but once n64 came around the controller did not feel good in my hands. This is the same with gamecube and it's the reason i left nintendo period.

smilydude132636d ago

The WiiU controller actually looks pretty slick to me. A touchscreen can actually add to gameplay & convenience without being a gimmick as the DS demonstrates.

Ness-Psi2636d ago

it was RARE who made the majority of excellent games on N64 dont forget. they kept N64 alive.

InLaLaLand2636d ago

Hopefully we don't see dance or Barbie/Pony shovelware used for the WiiU (the reason I skipped the Wii). I am interested in what Nintendo would bring with the controller and from the third party support we saw at E3.

ChickeyCantor2636d ago

But did you put the PS3 and 360 away for their "casual" games?

Sounds a bit ironic right?

kamakaz3md2636d ago

so i opened up this long boring article which i didnt care to read... i thought hmm, alone in the dark, ON NINTENDO??? IM SOLD... nope just the heading of the title... waste of a half a minute, thanks

2636d ago
zerocrossing2636d ago

There's going to be people who are still feeling the burn from Nintendo and its broken Wii promises, This mite hurt them enticing the core gamers to invest in the Wii U but if they get more baking from 3rd party devs and some big AAA titles it will surely help.