Randy Pitchford admits that they shouldn't have announced Aliens: Colonial Marines so early

DSOGaming writes: "During his latest interview with the Official PlayStation Magazine, Randy Pitchford admitted that both Gearbox and SEGA should have just shut the hell up about Aliens: Colonial Marines. Randy has also admitted that it was a grave mistake to announce the game so early. That announcement was basically a result of Gearbox’s excitement, as they hadn’t even written the first line of code for it back then."

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RedDead2520d ago

Alot of devs should not announce so early, Dead island back in 07 or 8, FF versus in 06 and even Xiii...I could go on

femshep2520d ago

the game that still is never gonna come out, not to mention it always looks horrid in everyway possible....they should just stop

fOrlOnhOpe572520d ago

Just hope they dont take forever to deliver on Borderlands2 / Borderworlds

zeal0us2520d ago

now admit duke nukem need some fixes.

MilkMan2519d ago

He did the right thing.
Folks where giving Gearbox a rim job for no apparent reason.
Just cause they released Duke.
This is classic Wagging the Dog. DEFLECT!

In a nutshell, it lets the fans know that there are more things coming down the pike.
No harm done.