5 Impressive Kinect Mods That Prove Developers Are Being LAZY!

[] There seems to be no lack of indie developers pushing Kinect to see what it can really do, and it can really do a LOT MORE than you've ever seen it do on demo at the Microsoft Store. So come on game developers, let's see some real games that match the quality and fun of these basement mods!

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sdtarm2600d ago

Devs aint being lazy, the 360 just cant handle it

dangert122600d ago

Add fly really why are you trying to make money off us?
just send us the damn link we don't want to wait so you can make money

JoePrime2600d ago

It is direct linked - the is embedded into the website. It only pops up once over 25mins, and NEVER pops up if you are logged into GFP. :)

Also, thanks for the $0.001 I made off your 4 seconds. I really do appreciate it. :)

dangert122600d ago

do you i never stayed on for any secs i seen add fly n cme straight back of

consolez_FTW2600d ago

lol I didn't need mods to see kinect developers are being lazy. Kinect has alot of potential...just not in video gaming..

Neko_Mega2600d ago

I like how I heard that Kinect would let you sit down and act like you are driving a real car. Being able to shift and brake...... To bad that was all a lie.

I think Microsoft needs to stop thinking it needs to be added to everything.

mendicant2600d ago (Edited 2600d ago )

I'm happy with the Kinect software right now and I look foward to several of its upcoming games.

I applaud the fact that Kinect isn't bogged down with tons of shovelware or tacked on support for existing games. There has a been a lack of software and for good reason. People are actually taking their time to create something new and different. Sure there will be those with less inventive uses of Kinect but that isn't the focus of Microsoft and it doesn't seem to be the case thus far.

Give the devs some time. Same goes for Move and Wii U. It'll take time but just hang in and enjoy the ride. Some gamers stress this stuff out way too much. It's about having fun. We should never forget that.

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