What needs to change in Uncharted 3's Multiplayer

While Uncharted 3 has a great multiplayer as it is now, there are several things that Naughty Dog will want to change in order to compete with the top games on the market. Sprinting, menu screens, and amount of health are all things they should look into changing.

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mantisimo2454d ago

wtf is and this stupid article.

NewMonday2453d ago

pleas , just loosen up on competitiveness for this game, and go with the flow, enjoy the crazy unpredictable stuff.

for results first competitive MP we have COD for individualists, and BF for team-players, Halo for Sci-Fi, the frantic MAG and GOW for the money shot. i want U3 to be about swashbuckling thrills with a buddy.

-Alpha2453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

I've gotten used to a lot of the changes. I miss UC2's simplicity and fluidity, but UC3 is great in its own right and retains some of UC2's greatness while offering something new. Regarding the article:

Health is fine! With low health, people camp, don't traverse, and don't use cover. UC is about firefights with your buddies. Low health ruined UC2.

My only wish is that they remove mods,mac for secondary, loadouts, and buddy system for hardcore mode. Then, make the GAL a pickup along with the mac. Hardcore mode needs to retain UC2's simplicity and emphasis on map control and core gameplay skill. Hardcore is truly competitive, Power Plays create artificial competition.

Some power plays are incredibly cheap and promote camping and crutches players too much. Power Plays were supposed to be optional and decided by the winning team to gamble their game. That's how it should be. They need to be toned down. Kickbacks seem good for the most part.

My biggest problem is balance with starting weapons. The GAL is just too accurate and the macro renders the pistol and even the AK useless. It has little recoil, high ROF, and you can blind fire with ease. They need to balance the starting weapons better. Accuracy Mod w/GAL+Macro is just way better than ROF Mod w/AK+pistol.

I got used to the clunky sprint-- you're SUPPOSED to lose control, it's the tradeoff. You can't turn on a dime, it's best for sprinting in a straight line. It should be tightened a bit, but I understand its purpose and am fine with it.

UC2's interface was so much better, UC3's is too cluttered and the brown just makes certain things look ugly (like seeing the booster levels and player cards when they kill you) UC2's was easier to read and cleaner.

Too bad UC3 doesn't have dedicated servers because melee continues to screw players. Double melee death when one player clearly gets the short first is stupid. I hate it, it needs an overhaul.

Great beta though, I'm massively addicted like I was with UC2. I hope they have retro map packs.

despair2453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

I actually agree withe everything you say here, though the power plays being initiated by the winning team would mean a vote is needed while playing, that won't work well.

I think that it usually is a good thing especially when the gap is wide, it keeps the losing side interested and feeling like they have a shot while puts the winning team on their toes and adds some extra cash. Remember if you're losing by 15 kills then usually a power play won't matter as your team sucks with or without it, but its still a chance even if its an illusion.

There should be weaker power plays for closer scores so that it does not over affect the scoreboard. Also the clutter on the main screen is terrible, as well as in the actual game. And its absolutely hideous to look at. Uncharted tv is a nice touch but all these things need an option to remove if you want to.

-Alpha2453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

Winning team can press select when prompted. Or R3 since that isn't used.

The problem I'm noticing is that Power Plays happen for really small leads, which is unfair because the losing team may actually be good and just be trailing. And then they'll use that unneeded momentum to pull ahead. Then of course it becomes a back and forth game of Power Plays, which removes the focus on just playing Team Deathmatch.

The concept is great, they just need to continue to balance it. For example, instead of double damage, why not disable the winning teams kickbacks and boosters? Double damage is the worst Power Play and happens when you have like a 10+ lead. But if that happens, and the losing team couldn't catch up from smaller Power Plays, I don't think they deserve to catch up at all. I just came off a game where Double Damage got the losing team out of a 10 point trail. They almost beat us because of it. It doesn't seem fair that the winning team doesn't get a chance to fight back in that case.

IMO they just need to make it optional or balance how many times it happens in a match. They should be rare and special, not the focus.

UCTV is cool. They said that they would do "Plays of the Day" from the MP, which sounds amazing. I bet we'll see ads on it too, maybe they can keep DLC free like that.

Spitfire_Riggz2453d ago

I agree! An idea I liked I read in the forums is instead of getting into a weird back and forth punchout what if they implemented a melee mini game like gears of war style with chainsaw battles? Im surprised more people dont use the gal either, that micro is overpowered though

Solidus187-SCMilk2453d ago

I love the original uncharted 2 multiplayer and I love this beta.

The one change I NEED to happen is for them to remove late join from Free-for-All mode.

Neko_Mega2453d ago

The only think that needs to change is the problems that are in it. Other then that their is really nothing wrong with it.

peowpeow2453d ago

Some people view certain things as problems while others don't

Neko_Mega2453d ago

I was talking more of software problems, like glitches and bugs.

That is about all that needs to change.

outwar60102453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

uf3 is amazing graphically etc but i would love it i it was as fluid as the others but obviously its just a beta and the chances are it will be perfect knowing ND

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