Black Rock’s closure signals a decline in UK arcade racers

DGP: "The misguided timing of these releases was almost certainly a factor for their demise, so you can’t help but wonder if these companies would still be thriving today if they were released further apart, thus avoiding such a costly collision with each other."

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Yi-Long2607d ago

... but I never did, because of all the DLC.

I usually don't buy games with DLC, unless it's a 'complete' edition or something.

Pure was absolutely amazing. Brilliant and gorgeous little game. Too bad there won't be a sequel. :(

Quagmire2607d ago

Buy Split/Second, the DLC is pretty useless or unnessecary, just a few modes/tracks/cars/

The game itself is amazing, and well worth the price you paid for. Highly recommended.

killerhog2607d ago

I honestly hope to see a sequel to split/second and blur, two underrated games that should of sold more than it did.

Fav racing games in no order
Tokyo extreme racer
Midnight club

Quagmire2607d ago

The last Midnight Club was way to hard for me, when are they making a new one?

killerhog2607d ago

Midnight club was hard for you really?? Idk but there has been talk and concept pics released by rockstar of the new midnight club

Knushwood Butt2606d ago

'All were very good, innovative arcade racing games that, despite respectable reviews, completely flopped commercially.'.

Completely flopped? Don't think so.

'Still, the only consolation is that the director of Split/Second has already started up a new development company abysmally called RoundCube so we could still see a Split/Second sequel yet.'.

Surely Disney Interactive owns the IP, so why on earth would they close down one of their studios, only to ask another newly setup studio to develop a sequel????