Live Stream with BF3 Community Manager

Tomorrow at 3:00PM EST/8:00PMGMT Dont Revive me Bro will be hosting a live stream with DICE Community Manager, Daniel "Zh1nt0" Matros. Battlefieldo will be taking questions before hand and passing them on to the show hosts.

A good chance to get your questions asked.

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callmedom942454d ago

I like it. I'm gonna be putting it up on my site as well!

BubbleSniper2454d ago

it had to be livestream because if this was through a "video game journalist" we probably wouldn't be able to get the real story

Stadler2454d ago

Yea it should be good :) looking forward to it

Raven_Nomad2454d ago

Cant wait to see the 30 FPS goodness!

Urrakia342454d ago

I'm not sure if you're trying to troll or legitimately excited.

Huarle2454d ago

Well, he for sure isn't talking about unanounced features so what is to be expected from this?