A 24kb Download: Finding DLC On Disc

Chris W writes: "Downloadable Content (DLC) has been a total game-changer this generation for consoles. From PC-like expansions, to map packs, we’ve seen just about every type of digital good sold either on Xbox Live Marketplace or the PSN Store. Under all the glitter and gold of really great DLC, is a very dark world. Something much worse than the nickel and dime DLC trick (I’m looking at you Guitar Hero and Rock Band), I speak of DLC that’s delivered on the game disc. Is this practice ever acceptable, or is this just another way to make gamers pay twice over for content they already own?"

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ChronoJoe2604d ago (Edited 2604d ago )

"So in other words, they did it for the player who doesn’t buy the DLC. Guess what Elizabeth, everyone who bought Bioshock 2 also bought the Sinclair Solutions Tester Pack DLC! It was on their disc, they had no choice but to buy it. It makes no sense that you would bar these players from playing what they paid for. No logical person would ever willingly let a big corporation rip them off, yet Elizabeth here seems to be convinced otherwise."

Just because it was on the disc doesn't mean you bought it. What was on the disc was essentially a 'compatability pack' so that you could play with people who actually bought it. What you're suggesting is that whatevers the consumer 'owns' should function exactly as the consumer wants it to - which is moronic.

On games like LBP these kind of comparability packs are distributed via patches, but of course I have no right to play the content without buying it, yet there it lies, on my PS3.