Ubisoft Offers Assassin’s Creed Collectibles Online

So how else can die-hard Assassin’s Creed fans express their love for the series? Well besides purchasing a higher edition of the game, they can also help themselves to the many collectible figures Ubisoft is selling online.

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Beatboxtaun2571d ago

Oh no... here we go again. ANOTHER figure/statue that I'm going to want to add to my collection. I have no room for any more gaming things, but what do I do? Keep buying...

DrRichtofen2571d ago

Do these sort of collectibles turn chicks off?

The Matrix2571d ago

Unfortunately, yes. *Looks around room* But who needs chicks anyway! :)

Fade_Walker2571d ago

I always thought it depended on how many. If you room is filled with big breasted anime chicks along with a crap load of Gundam figures and add a few video game characters then I would image it's a huge turn off.

But if you have a few then I don't see the problem. Of course this is coming from someone who only has a Big Daddy/Little Sister figure along with Commander Shepard.

I always did want a Ezio statue. I'm still kicking my self for not reserving the Assassin's Creed II Master Assassin's Edition.

bloodybutcher2570d ago

not my gf,she actually was the one to convince me to get ac2 black edition^^

Nate-Dog2571d ago

That one looks pretty cool. After trying to chase down a copy of the ACII Black Edition for a long time (for a decent price that is) I finally got one yesterday so this will probably be out of my range. I wouldn't mind a decent Altair figurine maybe if it wasn't too much, I think the AC Special Edition with the figurine of him must have been very limited.

bloodybutcher2570d ago

hey,congrats on getting one finally!^^i wonder how much did you pay...

Nate-Dog2570d ago

Hey thanks! I paid £55 (which I didn't think was too bad since everything in it was brand new bar the actual game which was played once, and since I have seen pre-owned ones going for around £70+). I had to pay an extra £15 for postage since the seller at first didn't want to ship abroad but I'm just glad it's on its way to me now. ^_^