The Biggest Lies The Video Game Industry Has Told Us

The German Philosopher Friedrich Neitzsche once said: “I’m not upset that you lied to me, I’m upset that from now on I can’t believe you”.

Fortunately for those in the video game industry, most gamers seem far more forgiving, with the industry successfully sustaining a never-ending cycle of hype and disappointment. In an increasingly competitive market, ludicrous claims can sell games, and developers are quite happy to tell us what we want to hear.

In this article, Digital Scrutiny take a look at some of the biggest lies the Video Game Industry has told us.

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Inside_out2520d ago (Edited 2520d ago )

When Kenny Kutaragi said you will want to work harder for a PS3 I knew that guy was clueless. Then the crap really hit the fan with all the pie in the sky 1080p 120fps and worse of all, all the CGI trailers that were made to look like actually gameplay with reticules on the screen and everything...O_0...biggest gaming lie/scam I've ever seen. What were those guys thinking???

The RROD was far worse than they ( M$ ) ever admitted but to their credit they did offer a multi-year warranty after all the complaints and consoles started coming back. I'll tell right now those early consoles were more than over couldn't breath on them without one of those suckers turning red if it started at all. M$ really paid a big price for not having a strict quality inspection team in place. I still think it was sabotage by whatever Asia factory made those things. Some consoles didn't even turn on ONCE.

Nintendo, other than people throwing controllers at TV's...o_O...had a smooth gen and with 90 million sold, completely annihilated the competition especially Sony who they have bad blood with. M$ is happier than a fly in crap with their success...55 million going onto 7 years and into no doubt a big holiday season sales...who would of ever thought Sony would be at the bottom after selling 150 million PS2...INCREDIBLE fall from grace.

coryok2520d ago

to be fair, the ps3 can render @1080 120fps, it just cant look as good when it does so no one ever does.