Nintendo Wii U Is 'Slam Dunk' for id Tech 5 Games, says John Carmack

Nintendo's Wii U may not be significantly more powerful than PS3 or Xbox 360, according to Shigeru Miyamoto, but it's still powerful enough to draw the interest of developers like id Software's John Carmack. id's technical director, speaking with IndustryGamers recently, shared his thoughts on id's relationship with Nintendo in the past and how things could very well be changing now with Wii U. Indeed, Carmack said that id Tech 5-based games like Rage would be a "slam dunk" on Wii U.

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Ulf2639d ago (Edited 2639d ago )


It must have a lot of RAM (probably ~1GB RAM, with 512MB VRAM, as the rumors have stated), and the optical drive must read pretty fast. Both things would make iD's streaming tech much better.

A HDD is preferable to any optical disc, for streaming data, but only the PS3 and PC are guaranteed to have them, and users whine too much about large installs on the PS3 to make it worthwhile to install your entire game there, like Rage probably wants. Also, the PS3 (and 360) has pretty limited RAM, compared to the PC, so that's probably another constraint on Rage's engine.

evrfighter2639d ago

if carmack is sayin slam dunk then it has an older core fan base almost locked.

donniebaseball2639d ago

Hopefully someone can get a hold of the real Wii U specs soon - would be very curious to see those.

richierich2639d ago

Yeah your not the only one

demonddel2639d ago

I hope u talking about developers and not customers like urself because some of you gamers are becoming to much I mean y'all don't just play games no more

Neko_Mega2639d ago

Its just like I said, all the Nintendo fans disagree with me for saying Nintendo was most likely aren't going to make it more powerful then PS3.

Its a big risk to do that and I think its better to start out with a good price then just good tech (Most likely it might be as good as the PS3).

EYEamNUMBER12639d ago

everyone who has already gotten their hands on it has said it is more powerful than the current systems though

Neko_Mega2639d ago

Really? Its not even out, the fact is Nintendo will make it cost less then $300. So yeah I don't think it will be more powerful.

EYEamNUMBER12639d ago

im talking about the devs
sega,ubisoft,id for example have all said its more powerful than what we have now
there might be more like epic games and EA but those are the ones that did already say its more powerful

as for it being under 300 don't expect that the most realistic price is going to be between 300 and 350

Active Reload2639d ago (Edited 2639d ago )

Neko...You're kidding yourself if you don't think it'll be more powerful than the PS3. Are you talking about the CPU? I got this feeling that no matter what anyone tells you, you'll still be in denial. You seem to be one of the types that think the PS3 is as powerful as a highend PC, so basically no one should trying to convince you of anything--it would be a waste of time.

Christopher2639d ago

***Really? Its not even out, the fact is Nintendo will make it cost less then $300. So yeah I don't think it will be more powerful.***

Not sure they will make it cost less than $300 considering the new peripheral combined with the new console look like they will actually be more costly. Even Nintendo said that it wouldn't be "cheap".

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rexbolt2638d ago

well ps4 aint stronger then a ps3 :)

RememberThe3572639d ago

Not at all. Here he is talking technically and there he's talking economically.

Jenzoid2639d ago

For some reason they decided to import an obligatory screenbased controller into the package (which alone motivates a higher price tag), if they focused more on hardware components alone they could've catered both to the hardcore and the causualites, which would've been truly awesome.

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