Americas Weekly Chart Week Ending 25th Jun 2011

Wii - 84,976 (-8%)
X360 - 70,011 (-3%)
PS3 - 62,253 (+6%)
DS - 45,045 (+4%)
3DS - 44,822 (+122%)
PSP - 18,736 (+10%)
PS2 - 14,357 (-12%)


1 - 3DS The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina o... - 215,124
2 - X360 F.E.A.R. 3 - 71,366
3 - Wii Mario Kart Wii - 61,865
4 - Wii Zumba Fitness - 54,758
5 - X360 Dungeon Siege III - 51,787
6 - Wii Wii Sports Resort - 50,611
7 - Wii Wii Sports - 46,519
8 - PS3 F.E.A.R. 3 - 42,596
9 - Wii Wii Fit Plus - 40,823
10 - X360 Duke Nukem Forever - 38,550

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Misterhbk2572d ago

If this is true, the rumored PS3 price cut is going to have consumers going insane in the US. Still selling strong at the highest price. Once the price is even I think the PS3 will really take off.

Silly gameAr2572d ago (Edited 2572d ago )

That's what I thought. People like to point out that the PS3 is in third place, but they never mention that it's still the most expensive console on the market, and still doing well for a console that's supposedly finished in NA.

Looking good on all fronts though.

demonddel2572d ago

thank gawd they have a second option

oohWii2572d ago

Why are you guys calling the PS3 the most expensive console. The PS3 is 299, and the 360 configured with a hard drive (just like the PS3) is 299 also.

Stop, making up stuff to satisfy your wierd sense of ownership of the PS3 brand. Sony's not going to pay you for that.

To be honest with you if Sony could make a PS3 that works without a hard drive, they already would have, but since some game "require" installs it's not possible.

You guys act as if a 360 arcade and a 360 pro are the same. Actually, I feel that the Arcade 360 is competing with the wii while the 250 gig model is competing with the PS3.

But, continue to tell yourselves the PS3 is the most expensive console if you'd like to.

Misterhbk2572d ago

You say that as if the $199 360 doesn't count towards sells. Don't kid yourself.

Misterhbk2572d ago

You say that as if the $199 360 doesn't count towards sells. Don't kid yourself. There is no cheaper option with the ps3. It's 299 or more. Not 299 or less. So yes, it is the most expensive home console.

oohWii2571d ago

No son, I know the 199 360 counts towards sells, you are in denial that the PS3 is not the MOST EXPENSIVE console out. The 360 (250GB) cost the same price.

The fact that the PS3 doesn't have a 199 dollar alternative doesn't mean it's the Most expensive. You make it sound as if you can't get a 360 for as much as you can get a PS3 for.

"Child Please"

Servbot2572d ago

Shadows of the Damned deserves better sales. I guess that's what happens when you create a game that falls out of gamer's comfort zones.

DarkTower8052572d ago

What did you expect from a game that has a dick joke every minute? Right off the bat they guaranteed no sales to kids, a lot of parents with kids, many women and people who don't like vulgarity. Not to mention that some people just don't like survival horror. All this adds up to low sales.

the_kutaragi_baka2572d ago

10 10,836 575 2,307 13,718 483 ,591

pretty dysmal sales Socom 4.

Pretty funny and deserving if you ask me!

testerg352572d ago

Socom4 and Infamous 2 are doing ehhh.

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