NHL 12 Ducks jerseys revealed

Brett writes "In this Twittah’d screenshot released by our main man Sean Ramajagsingh, one of the head devs of the game, he released a photo that showcases what appears to be the NJ Devils Christmas jerseys (as if anybody gives a **** about those) and the MIGHTY ****** DUCKS ORIGINALS BABY."

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Soldierone2521d ago

I understand the attempt to attract a different crowd with an odd way of writing an article...but this is something an 8th grader would turn in just before dropping out of high school. In other words I wouldn't go "that" far with the writing....

As for the news, hopefully the old Coyotes uniforms are in the game along with their green alternate ones. Can't wait to play with the coyotes and constantly beat the crap out of the whinypeg team.