Nintendo Localization Issues

"Nintendo has a history of not bringing over all of their goodies to America. Recently they said that The Last Story and Xenoblade are not in Nintendo's current plans. This same discussion has happened over the years across many different Nintendo platforms. The biggest one of note were the numerous refusals to bring any of the Mother (Earthbound) games stateside. Nintendo even passed on bringing one of the Game Boy Advance F-Zero titles here. So we asked the Gameplay Today staff how they feel about Nintendo's localization tactics..."

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jacksonmichael2604d ago

With all this bad PR, something should happen soon, right...?

coryok2604d ago

ya, people will just pirate it

vgchica2604d ago

Mother 3 had the same problem :(

ShyGuy132604d ago

I've never pirated for Japanese games, but I have modded and imported for Pop'n Music back on the PS2.

Raichu502604d ago

Who cares about kiddy games