6.0 | Wipeout in the Zone Review

Wipeout in the Zone is a fun game that stays very true to the original television show. The game delivers a great physical exercise and can be very rewarding when you get in the right flow and have that perfect run! It isn’t all good though as the game suffers from some bugs and awkward tracking that can sometimes turn fun into frustration. The game is also very short, so in terms of content it feels like an arcade game. The multiplayer of the game does add another dimension of fun, and if you have friends over to play with this title becomes a bit more interesting. All in all Wipeout in the Zone is a great game for fans of the show that are willing to look beyond the (minor) bugs. For non-Wipeout fans the game might be a bit of a let-down compared to other games on the market, as it does not provide a lot of content, nor will the playing experience be fully satisfying.

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