Do You Love Your Joystick?

Marielle writes: "Keyboard and mouse has been used as the main control on the PC, while the game-pad controller with dual analog joysticks has been widely adopted as the controller of choice on console video games. Eventually, over time, this has caused a split in the community of certain genres such as online multi-player shooters. Many gamers on the PC support the kb/m combination as the most precise form of control for his or her games, yet on the other hand, some console gamers insist the joystick cannot be beat."

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Hitman07692521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

I personally have been a gamer of mouse and keyboard for many years on the PC but started out with a gamepad on the Nintendo NES. When the first joysticks were around for PC and console I really took a liking to the way you can lounge while you play with them. As for which is the best? I think it might be personal preference.

Grave2521d ago

Ya this one is hard for me too. I used to insist that K/M was the one and only way to play. I had always been a PC gamer, but now consider myself mainly a console gamer. Lately I have been playing the crap out of PS3. For instance I love playing Black Ops zombies. I also have it on Steam, but I didn't like the way K/M felt so I went back to console. I think the big thing for me is that with a console controller I get vibration feedback and my trigger finger is in a natural pulling postion like it would be on a real trigger, not tapping down on Left Mouse Button. That might be a small thing but to me it's huge. K/M are more accurate, but console controls "feel" better.

CrzyFooL2521d ago

Yes, I fap with it daily :-p

zinkabass2521d ago

Yes, and I also enjoy fondling ma balls.

Totally depends on gaming genre,..
But now I am quite comfortable with Dualshock, in most genres I play nowdays,... Hell, I am actually finally getting better with it in shooters (even first person- need to try the move though),.

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