StrengthGamer: Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Beta - The Cure for Call of Duty Syndrome

Samy Masadi of StrengthGamer writes, "You might think I’m crazy, but Uncharted 2’s online component is one of the few multiplayer games I’ve actually liked. Say the online modes of Call of Duty, Gears of War, or even Halo are better all you want, but I’m just burnt out on their all-too-similar shooter fests."

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Silly gameAr2521d ago

It really is awesome. I've been on and off since it launched. Now if only the loud minority would stop squawking long enough and jump in a match and get what's coming to them, that would make it even better.

Solidus187-SCMilk2521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

my only big problem is the LATE GAME JOIN in the FREE-FOR-ALL mode.

They should take late join out of Free for all, there is no reason to have late joiners to replace quitters in a FFA game that only goes to 15(should be 25 I think). there is not team that needs another person in FFA when someone quits like in team games.

It even put me into 2 FFA games in a row that were already more than half over. Half of my FFA games Ive done I have been put in a game that is almost over, and that sucks because I really enjoy the FFA mode.

They just need to take out late join for FFA and I will be happy.

xAlmostPro2521d ago

I agree dude, but like anything it's be a few people who showed their personal dislike to which the media create "uncharted fans hate uncharted 3" and such..

I'm pretty sure it's nowhere near as bad as the media are trying to represent it.

Also yeah, getting into a match can take a little bit :(

To the point though uc3 looks to be a blast, has a few minor issues but nothing game breaking and we all know(if we/you are a real uncharted fan) that naughty dog will make sure it's fixed..

The games a blast, overall pretty well balanced compared to most modern shooters, tonnes of variety, gameplay like no other i mean which shooter do you know that lets you scale the outside of a building hang off for a second take a guy out pull a guy off at the top run up take cover take a guy out then high five over his dead body with a friend? it's so much fun.

Although the cinema mode so far seems to be going pretty un noticed and tbh it's a gem.

Gives you 20 spaces, your latest matches get added andthe oldest gets removed however you can protect a match or up to 20 matches, you can view the match or edit it.. and then the cool thing(for video/montage/machinima makers etc.) is that they allow you to change the map & games lighting effetcs, the amount of fog and a few other effects which is awesome. It's like theatre mode on steroids.

Anyways some people like to over react.

helghast1022521d ago

Loving the beta, it's like Uncharted 2's multiplayer but good again!
Shame there are so many people intent on casualizing it..

flightdown2521d ago

Hope they sort out the sounds of the guns and the visuals need tweaking. Just played UC2 and it looks a lot better in MP - graphically.

xAlmostPro2521d ago

beta is not final build, things like graphics are bound to be worse, i mean anti-aliasing etc have still to be added

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khan_saab2521d ago

It does not make sense to compare Gears sales to the sales of Uncharted 3. Of course Gears is going to outsell Uncharted 3 because the poor losers who own only an xbox 360 really have no choice because there is no real other game to buy.

MS themselves knew of this and they pushed to release date to this holiday, it was originally planned to be released earlier but they know their owners are fools and thus the fools follow.

killerhog2521d ago

NaughtyDog definitely stepped it up over UC2. People complaining about small useless faults are just scared of change, yet these same people complain about COD lack of innovation year after year. I love UC3 multiplayer it's very Killzone 2/3 inspired. NaughtyDog werent lying when they said 'killzone 3 game modes was an inspiration'.

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