Modern Warfare 3 VS Battlefield 3 Frames Per Second - Does it Matter?

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xxxAnubisxxx2635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

It only doesn't matter if you're a BF fan and you want it to be better than MW3.

novaspire2635d ago

it doesnt matter at all. if the framerate is fixed, then the human eye wont detect anything different, itll just see moving picture. even at 25 frames a second, itll look just fine. In fact 60 frames a second is eating up the processing time for a games console, and it is far more efficient to have 30 frames per second.

NnT32912635d ago

high frame rate reduces input lag, which is important for competitive multiplayer. If you don't see a huge difference between 30fps and 60fps, you probably need to check your eyes.

Sprud2635d ago

Please stop with this ancient myth. There's no problem to see the difference between 30 and 60 fps.

TBM2635d ago

doesn't matter to me since i adjust to whatever game im playing.

ilikegam3s2634d ago (Edited 2634d ago )

It doesnt matter if your a pc gamer. It also doesnt matter if your a console owner too.

Reason why CoD needs a 60 FPS is cos it is an arcade type of shooter whereas BF3 is a realistic shooter, obviously in real life it is slower pace.
Basically CoD - Faster gameplay, needs faster fps and graphics are less detailed, even tho they are awesome for CoD games.
BF3 - lower fps - better gameplay for realistic looks (and graphics :D)

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Inside_out2635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

...nobody knows dont need 60fps for a 20 minute tanke ride... ;D

maxmill2635d ago

No it doesnt, dont understand why ppl want the same crap for every game

Farsendor12635d ago

ill be playing at 60fps when both games release,why is it that the pc is hardly ever considered?

DrillaKid2635d ago

Because 90%+ of people playing these games will play on console.

Grannyvukka2635d ago

Of course it is double the speed, which means a smoother, more fluid gameplay was the reason I found the Timesplitters series to be the best, most playable console fps of PS2's gen. While everyone was raving about Halo & how it ran on the supposedly superior hardware at only 30fps, with most of the levels looking like a maze of familiar, boring, repetativeness, I had been enjoying Timesplitters running at a blistering 60fps on the older, supposedly weaker PS2 good as Halo was, in my opinion TS1 & 2 (especially) are far greater, more fun, more technically impressive games, the shooting & tracer on the bullets & general controls were just THE BEST, in part due to the 60fps factor, as well as the developers pedigree at the time.
And it's proof that the games being released now in the genre, should all run at 60fps.

dragunrising2635d ago

Stating your opinion as fact makes you right? I won't argue about the benefits of 60 fps versus 30, however your being quite biased.

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