Where’s Final Fantasy Versus XIII: Trouble in Paradise

GamerFitNation talks about Final Fantasy Vs 13 and its absence from E3. "Where in the world was Final Fantasy Versus? E3 has come and gone by, and there was no mention or utter or leaked footage for that matter of this supposed PlayStation exclusive. Does it even exist anymore?"

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Surfaced2641d ago

It will probably never show at E3. Versus is more of a Tokyo Game Show thing.

However, with XIII-2 coming, I bet Squeenix will focus on that instead of Versus at this year's TGS in September.

What I'm really dying to see at TGS though?
Ni no Kuni, and The Last Guardian.


Thank you thats exactly how I felt. Forget 13-2 I want versus

Godmars2902641d ago (Edited 2641d ago )

As a title announced at the some time, when Square had no real idea of the requirements of HD consoles, Versus is likely in the same production state as XIII. Up to and including the argument of making it multi while designed as an exclusive.

coryok2641d ago

i assume theyre not showing versus because they dont want consumers to become distracted by it. they want consumers to focus on 13-2