Battleblog #2 Presenting All Pre-Order Bonus Items For Battlefield 3: Limited Edition

There are a number of pre-order offers for Battlefield 3 available now or soon to be available.

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Urrakia342636d ago

All sounds good to me. :)

HK62636d ago

"Where to get: At select retailers all over the world when you pre-order Battlefield 3: Limited Edition."

All over the world? Music to my ears.

HK62635d ago

Just noticed this too:

"Physical Warfare Pack

Available: Day 1 if you pre-order. If you do not pre-order, you will get access to this content at no extra charge at a later date."

Nice to see that the only pre-order DLC involving anything more than aesthetics for BF3 will become available to everyone free of charge later on.

callmedom942635d ago

Now I just can't wait until I see this stuff in the US