Player Affinity: Captain America Super Soldier: Fighting For Your Beliefs

Player Affinity writes: "The upcoming Captain America: Super Soldier might seem like another mediocre movie tie-in game, rushed through development in order to coincide with a film’s release date. You can believe that if you want, but you know who’ll fight to defend your right to express your beliefs until his dying breath? Captain America! So go ahead and think what you want, Cap, and I along with all freedom-loving people everywhere will hold off on our opinions until we’ve seen a bit more of the game in action before rushing to judgment."

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clarkjudo2572d ago

From the interviews of the staff members responsible for putting this game together and demos I have seen. This game is heading in the right direction. Even hints from a recent demo interview with reveals plans for a sequel. This not only proves that this is not a movie based game but a game with a separate story. It also shows they are serious developers. Developers who are planning for Captains appearance in the future to be even more brighter than the present.