Your Homosexual Lover Is In Another Castle

A fascinating and elucidating interview with the creator of an offbeat indie game. The author touches upon capturing life, death and meaning in a video game, as well as touches upon how video games aren't all that different from other mediums.

"Games are not as different as you think they are. From other mediums, I mean.
The difference that people usually cling to is the notion of “interactivity”—games, people argue, allow us to engage in another world; to act within them in an entirely new way. But the truth is that the difference between successfully navigating a game world and successfully comprehending a work of prose (let’s says it’s fiction, and let’s say it’s quality fiction) is only a matter of degrees, and is only a difference of evolution.
For when we play and read, we are doing so at the invitation of a fundamental structure which runs diligently behind the curtain. In the way that we must learn when to jump a gap in 1-1, we must learn to jump to a conclusion in Faulkner’s As I Lay Dying; and in the way that we learn to react to a change in an enemy’s patterns, we learn to react to changes in a character’s speech patterns. The realization that an enemy’s barrage of missiles is a cycle; the realization that a character’s staccato bursts of dialogue are meant to imply a change in mood. These are realizations that both developer and author can build into their work."

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