Black Rock insiders: Disney 'treated us badly'

Disney today confirmed that it was closing its UK studio after its latest game idea failed the greenlight process.
But two soon-to-be-unemployed staff at the studio have candidly told Develop that they believe the publisher had made the decision to close the outfit at the start of the year.

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Inside_out2639d ago

It seems to me that Disney went above and beyond to try and soften the blow of the closure. These things are never easy and there are obviously some hurt feelings. Disney is a publicly traded company and as such they are by law force to make a's business. they are losing money and somebody has to pay tho it would be nice if the big mega million dollar making executives would pass on their bonuses and a little of their wages to soften the pain that some of these people will go through but that never happens.

Where is M$ during all these closures??? They could use some of this talent that is floating around.First Bizarre creations and now these guys. M$ has so much capitol and a game like Project Gotham Racing could use some this talent.

TheLastGuardian20102639d ago

I'm not really sure what the issue is here. Most of the employees from Black Rock, have already formed a new studio "Round Cube" studios and have already announced there working on a new project. The difference being is that as Black Rock they had a publisher, as a new independent studio they'll have to prove themseleves all over again.

RankFTW2639d ago

Damn, Walt Disney's head will be rolling in it's cryo-chamber.

Baka-akaB2639d ago (Edited 2639d ago )

You failed twice in row , that's too times more chances that most studio even get . It's hardly as if their games made such raving critics to begin with , it was just fine and failed commercially so ...

killerhog2639d ago

split/second is an amazing game. any racing game fan should pick it up. Disney just failed at marketing it

Baka-akaB2639d ago

I actually picked it up mind you . It was very good . And i dont think it lacked marketing . Neither did blur , wich wasnt nearly as good and failed even more miserably .

Given the time of their release , and the concurrence , the only real chance both had would be as a need for speed title , wich sells however mediocre or good those truly are .

And again , Split/second wasnt their first commercial failure

killerhog2639d ago (Edited 2639d ago )

the marketing for both games were horrible. if youre going to introduce a new game you need to back it up with marketing. therefor the faith (ultimately their demise) of both games lied on the hands of their publishers. activision definitely has the cash to do just that. instead they did that stupid commercial and aired it a few times (i remember seeing it maybe 2 times). if you want proper marketing look at what rockstar did for midnight club LA (thought not a new franchise). shit the marketing for Blur was so bad it even failed to capture PGR/MSR fans. i honestly do blame Disney and Activision for the lackluster sales of those games but that my view you got yours.

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