Minecraft passes 10 million registered users

SystemLink: "In a self-explanatory tweet from Notch, aka Markus Persson, the mind behind Minecraft, the addictive builder/miner/zombie killer/whatever you want to call it has got more than 10 million registered users."

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sukas2576d ago

Markus Persson is a self made millionaire !

the game cost`s 14.95 Euro ~ 15.00 Euro

has over 10000000 users and growing

calculation: 15,-Euro * 10000000 users = 150000000 Euros

this guy basically did develop mincraft on its own, since 2009.

a xperia play version, and xbox-live version is also in development.

that means even more cash $$$$$ !

of course he has to pay taxes and that other stuff but in the end i think he is going to make around 100 million Euro net in cash.

for the work hi did in 2 or 3 years, that sound pretty awesome to me !

respect Markus !
enjoy the mony Markus ! $$$ $$$ $$$ !

Pandamobile2576d ago

10 million registered users, no buyers.

ATiElite2576d ago

Registered users not buyers.

Minecraft has sold over 2 million copies but yeh he's well paid.

evrfighter2576d ago

yup i believe he hit the 1 mil mark when it was just him.

he still has less than 10 people working for him. A shame he's soon to be under M$'s thumb.

Pandamobile2575d ago

Why would you say that? They're not even making the Xbox port.

BeastlyRig2576d ago

3 million people bought the game.. Still good money though!

mttrackmaster382576d ago

My damn laptop won't even run Minecraft Classic good.

ATiElite2575d ago

don't tell me you have the kind of laptop that if thieves broke into your house they wouldn't steal it but they would leave a bunch of Bestbuy ads underneath it.

or if you left it on the front seat of your car someone would break in and replace it with a new one.

just joking w/ u