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Submitted by kube00 1689d ago | article

Awesome game secrets that every gamer needs to know

Games have has secrets and easter eggs in them since the Atari was popular. One of the better known secrets is the Konami code. Goozernation takes a look back and some of the more popular secrets in video games in the last two decades. (Arcade, Culture, Diablo 2, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Konami, NBA Jam, PC, PS2, Quake, Retro, Rockstar Games)

Cheeseknight28  +   1689d ago
I would change this title to "Game Secrets Almost Everyone Knows"

Let's try some different ones, that are a bit more obscure:

Wave Race GCN: You can make a sarcastic dick your announcer if you enter the right codes
Metroid: Justin Bailey is smalltime. Enter NARPAS SWORD for invincibility and infinite ammo.
Mortal Kombat 9: If you play Arcade on medium or higher, you can babality Kintaro/Goro if you babality'd Shang Tsung and did not use a continue up to that point. You can also do it to Shao Kahn if you babality everyone in the ladder and do not die at all.
Rogue Squadron: You can use a Naboo Starfighter if you use some really odd codes.
Castlevania DoS: Play all the way through Julius mode and you can face and defeat Soma, the original protagonist
Simco876  +   1689d ago
In Goldeneye you can get into the Vent in the Bathroom!
UnSelf  +   1689d ago
in Madden NFL 08 after the opposite team score a td and line up for a FG, highlight ur FS and run into the goalpost right before the snap and ur player will slide around on the floor for the rest of the down

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