GGTL DLC Review: From the Ashes for Killzone 3

From the Ashes introduces four new maps to Killzone 3: Tharsis Depot, Radec Academy, Mobile Factory and Lente Missile Base. Tharsis Depot and Mobile Factory are only used in the Guerilla Warfare mode, whilst Radec Academy and Lente Missile Base are likewise only used in a single mode, Warzone. Unfortunately this division of maps is one of the huge faults of the DLC pack: it quickly becomes apparent that more imagination was used in the creation of the Guerilla Warfare maps, leaving the Warzone maps far less than desirable.

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PhilipLarkin2573d ago

Ouch - still, Uncharted 3 will suffice for MP now.

Silly gameAr2573d ago

Nah. I'll stick with KZ3 too. The From Ashes map pack is pretty awesome.

TheMrMadzen2573d ago

I got it for the trophies. Problem?

BX812573d ago

I'll play this game! What's the problem?

Sizzon2573d ago

Killzone 3 is awesome, I love this new map pack and the map called "Lente Missile Base" that map is beast!

garos822573d ago

I'm loving radec academy and lente missile base.they are really well thought out maps
I am dissapointed that I can't play the other two in the war zone.but I think they are worth the cash

DrRichtofen2573d ago

Based on the quality and price this is a great map pack.
A 2/10 seriously.... was he expecting a zombie map?/s

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