Street Fighter III: Online Edition's Achievements has just published the achievement list for Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition on Xbox live Arcade.

The game features 12 achievements and will reward you with 200 points

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clearelite2575d ago

I'm getting this as soon as it hits the Playstation Network.

xVeZx2575d ago

i thik its about time they up the achievement points cap for arcade games....arcade games are much bigger now than what they were in the beginning...

RockmanII72575d ago

250 would be the sweet spot. $15/250 = $30/500 = $60/1K points.

ChronoJoe2575d ago

Yep, this for instance will have as much content as basically any other fighter.

I play on PS3 though, so it doesn't matter much to me. On PSN some PSN games actually have platinum trophies (as in, completely full trophy sets) for instance Worms 2 has the equivalent of 1000 gamerscore attainable.

It kinda devalues the game a little, not having the same trophy set as retail titles. Which seems kinda unfair.

RockmanII72575d ago

The MK bundle is a much better deal, I would rather get 3 fighting games than 1 so unless this is 400 points Netherealms has once again beat Capcom.

Graphics2575d ago

What, you must be a causal fighting game person. Because 3rd strike is one the best fighting games ever and is better than any MK game created.

RockmanII72575d ago

Says the guy with the Akuma avatar, yea your not biased.

Baka-akaB2575d ago (Edited 2575d ago )

Of course , nevermind that it is a somewhat universal opinion (if any exist) ... that SF3 is one of the best , if not best 2d fighter to existence .

Or that it features the best 2d animation seen yet in a fighting game ...

Let's focus on the avatar instead

Graphics2575d ago

I am not biased, I own MK9, I play MK9. Add me on psn or 360 if you want a match. I play Subzero, Noob, and Ermac. Its a fact that street fighter is the better fighting game of the 2. It seems that you rather have quantity instead of quality.

ChronoJoe2575d ago (Edited 2575d ago )

But MK is ass. lol only fighter worse is DOA. Fighter that's still kinda going that is.

Baka-akaB2575d ago

all of the MK games combined arent worth sf3 ...

We play fighting games , not "finish him" gimmicks :p

Gohadouken2575d ago (Edited 2575d ago )

once again ? When and what did they even won ? lol .

The game's presence at fighting games events , and tourney , is but a feint murmure , most likely to fade with the lack of true depth to the game's mechanics ..

Sales ? Aye it sold very well , but so what ? Not better than the other popular fighting game franchises from capcom or namco .

And the online is the worst seen , at least until fixed , since KOFXII .

But by all mean keep your hollow victories .

RockmanII72575d ago

I was talking about MvC3, hence why I said Netherealm and Capcom not MK and SF. Can you honestly say that MvC3 is better than MK?

Gohadouken2575d ago (Edited 2575d ago )

actually honesty , i do feel its better than MK .

MVC3 features are horrible and lacking , but the gameplay is just better imo and ripe with possibilities i dont see within MK . Even if its a really well done game , and a model of sort for future games , when it comes to story modes features .

Even so , nevermind the divergence of opinion , it's not selling better yet than MVC3 neither .
Nor does have a presence as big and interesting among tourney dwellers

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mascia2575d ago

I keep checking PSN to see if this game is out yet.